Unique Items by Biff: Sharkmounto


Looking for a quality trailer hitch that really holds on to your load, but with a price that takes a bite out of the competition? Thanks to Harbor Freight’s techno-genetic laboratory located in a submersible silo 3 nautical miles off the coast of Guam, you can have the best of both worlds with a device that’s half Triple Ball Trailer Hitch Mount With Hook and half shark—it’s Sharkmounto from Harbor Freight Tools! Sharkmounto fits standard 2-inch receivers and features a cut-and-drilled square receiving tube with welded steel 1-7/8″, 2″ and 2-5/16″ trailer balls, respectively. The integrated hook has a pull capacity of 7500 lbs. and can be used to catch other sharks as well. A special powder coat finish combined with dermal denticals provides weather protection and hydrodynamic streamlining. Don’t be fooled by imitations like the Crocomounto or Baracudamounto… Sharkmounto is only available through Harbor Freight Tools! To find your closest Harbor Freight store, use our store locator at harborfreight.com or follow the nearest chum trail of fish guts.You’re gonna need a bigger trailer…

Haul-Master Triple Ball Trailer Hitch Mount with Hook (sans shark)
SKU #60705