Unique Items by Biff: 56 Piece Toy Power Tools Set

Toy Power Tool Set

Most parents start their children young when it comes to learning languages, musical instruments and financial forecasting. They enroll them in classes, hire private tutors, etc. And that’s just fine… if we wanted a society of mamby-pamby brainiacs who collapse at the first sign of a hangnail! If you’re a Harbor Freight parent, or aunt or uncle or close family friend or… you get the point, then we’ve got something to give kids a real education with tools—the 56-Piece Toy Power Tools Set from Harbor Freight Tools! The jumbo toy kit comes with a wide assortment of safe, durable plastic tools that will provide hours of fun and imagination! This kit is awesome with its battery operated jackhammer that makes realistic construction sounds, play helmet, goggles, tool belt and much more! With this Power Tool Set, your child can role play as a construction worker by inviting over three friends for a play date to stand around doing nothing but watching while he or she does all the work—just like in the real world! That’s got to be better life preparation than learning Latin or playing the dulcimer or projecting GDP growth over the next decade…

Toy Power Tools Set 56 PCS
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