Dig This Towable Ride-On Trencher

Digging a trench is heavy duty work!  Which is why you need a heavy duty tool to get the job done right.  Enter the Towable Ride-On Trencher from Harbor Freight Tools.  This machine lets you dig trenches up to 8 feet deep with ease and quickness. And with the attached padded seat, you’ll do it in comfort too.  Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a veteran do-it-yourselfer, this trencher is a workhorse that will save you time, money and hassle by providing reliable results and pinpoint accuracy. image_18941 The sheer number of tasks that this machine can accomplish will surprise you too.  Sure, it’s made to dig trenches but the machine does more than just that.  Replace drain field lines, dig up bothersome tree stumps, or just dig a hole for a septic line.  It’s all possible with the Towable Ride-On Trencher.  And even if that 3 Tooth Trencher Bucket wears out after putting in its time, a replacement trencher bucket is available through Harbor Freight for just $250. image_13124

“This little devil can grip and rip! I purchased it in 2008 and thought I’d kill it off by now. It has a well-balanced design that allowed me to walk it out in soft tidal muck and back out again. Engine always starts easy. An incredible bargain. I’m sorely tempted to buy another one since they are on sale.” – by Greg from Florida “I am so glad I talked myself into purchasing this trencher. I have gotten so much use out of it in just the 2 weeks I have had it. I’ve dug a couple holes in hard ground for the trees my wife bought and I have used it to clear out a bunch of brush.” – by Skoalmt from Eureka, Ca “We have had this trencher for over 7 years and keep finding new uses every day. We have used it for everything from stump removal to digging out footers. Friends and family always want to borrow it and we have no problem letting them since we know it will get the job done. I wish that we had an hour meter on it to prove the amount of use we have gotten:  500 + hours.” – by Brian from Allentown, Pa

This incredible trenching machine gives you the power you need to handle big digging jobs quickly and easily.  A 9 horsepower industrial engine powers the hydraulic pump so you know you’re getting all the leverage you need as you dig up to 7 feet deep.  Plus, with the included hitch coupler, you can easily hook the trencher up to your pickup truck for added portability.  Now you can work without breaking your back OR the bank!  Pick up this behemoth machine for just $2,499.99 and find out for yourself why everyone is raving about the Towable Ride-On Trencher.


  1. Jim says

    I just bought this ride on trencher.. great little machine so far.. but the up boom function is really jerky and fast. i even tried the extended control arm 4 inches like in the video.. still it doesnt react till right at the end of the throw and then it jumps up in the air.. is there any way to adjust this control valve on the unit.. the other 3 operate great. no problem.. thanks..


    • Dave says

      Hi Jim, I asked Product Support your question and he gave me this answer. If you need the pictures he sent with these instructions, please email Jack@harborfreight.com. Thanks!

      Let’s try these simple checks.

      – Check fluid levels and make sure pump is pumping.
      – Bleed system is not already done. May want to bleed the offending cylinder.
      – Make sure coupler between the pump and motor is properly assembled,
      keys installed and setscrew tighten.

      Clean control valve screen using the following:

      Remove control vale pressure adjuster by removing
      the 4 socket head screws.
      DO NOT move the large adjustment screw (arrow).

      If this does not help, then recommend replacing the control valve.-

      SKU 29558 09 65162 CONTROL VALVE 1 PC