Top 5 Must-Have Items for Thanksgiving from Harbor Freight Tools!

Harbor Freight is of course known for their wide selection of tools, but many of you may not be aware that Harbor Freight carries some great cooking tools as well—and at prices that put the “thanks” in Thanksgiving. Here are five must-have items to help make your Thanksgiving dinner the best ever.



Cutting Boards

2 Piece Cutting Board Set

Cutting boards are an absolute must for any kitchen and these boards offer several advantages over traditional wood cutting boards. The 2 Piece Cutting Board Set from Harbor Freight comes with two boards: 13-3/4” x 10” and 15-7/8” x 11” respectively. They’re made from super-tough polypropylene, making them more resistant to knife cuts compared to wood, heat resistant up to 260° F, sanitary, odorless and non-toxic. With an integrated handle and slim profile, these boards store easily and are quickly accessible for most food prep needs.

2 Piece Cutting Board Set, item# 69459



Ceramic Knives


6 In Ceramic Knife

3 in Paring Knife

Among other things, ceramic knives are ideal for slicing and dicing vegetables as they keep a razor-sharp edge but are lightweight, which means less fatigue when prepping large amounts. Compared to brands you’ll find at specialty kitchen stores, Harbor Freight’s ceramic knives with ergonomic rubber-coated handles are a lot less expensive yet every bit as functional.

6 in. Ceramic Chef’s Knife, item# 98186

3 In. Ceramic Paraing Knife, item# 98183



Stock Pots

stock pot set

Stainless steel stock pots can cost a fortune—but not at Harbor Freight. Check out their 4 Piece Stainless Steel Stock Pot Set. The set includes 6, 8, 12 and 16 quart pots, each with a matching lid. The mirror finish of the stainless steel offers some decorative flare in the kitchen while providing the ultimate in utility when cooking up side dishes, soups, sauces, etc.

4 Piece Stainless Steel Stock Pot Set, item# 60624



Electric Food Slicer

Electric Food Slicer

Thanksgiving isn’t just one meal, it’s several meals of leftovers and few things are better than fresh roasted turkey sandwiches. That’s where an electric food slicer comes in. Harbor Freight’s model features a serrated stainless steel blade for producing thin slices of meat, cheese or bread. Dial the thickness from 1/16” to ½”. A sliding tray keeps hands away from the blade while the safety switch prevents accidental starts.

Electric Food Slicer, item# 69460



Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Fyring Pans

Despite all the advancements of alloys and non-stick coatings in cookware, there is simply no substitute for tried-and-true cast iron. Go from the stovetop to the oven without worry. Nearly indestructible, cast iron is ideal for browning meats and vegetables. Once seasoned, cast iron is nearly as non-stick as those high-tech offerings on the market today which can sell for ten times the price! Harbor Freight offers 3 Piece Cast Iron Frying Pans with built-in pouring groves.

3 Piece Cast Iron Frying Pans, item# 44707


Harbor Freight wishes you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving – bon appetit!