People Love Our Tool Carts!

Johnny Hunkins, editor of Popular Hot Rodding magazine, posted a great article on his blog about Harbor Freight’s tool carts. He recently visited our QA facility in Calabasas, CA and was impressed with the thoroughness of our tool testing. He says, “it dawned on me that Harbor Freight Tools were not only ‘adequate’, but even preferable.” Thanks, Johnny!

portable tool cart

This sturdy and super strong tool cart can hold up to 700 lbs!

He pointed out the US General 5-drawer portable tool cart (SKU #95272).  The US General tool cart was actually one of dozens of products he got to sample side-by-side with products that are generally much more expensive. This sturdy and super strong tool cart can hold up to 700 lbs. of tools, yet you can easily roll it to your work area so you’ll have everything you need within reach. It has steel construction and a powder-coated enamel finish that resists rust. All its drawers have ball-bearing rails for smooth opening.

Harbor Freight is in fact rolling out or revamping hundreds of their tools with the highest level of quality in mind for the most affordable price. It’s nice to see people take note of our quality tools and to hear from some of our fans.


  1. Jeff says

    I own one of these and its rock solid. I’m considering replacing my other brand boxes with more of these. They are really convenient to roll next to your car or any other project and go to work. I just wish the heavy duty one came in Black but its a great cart!

  2. Richard says

    I must agree, I work in the industry, and this kart is every bit as good as any of the other name brand karts. Heep up the good work HF!