The Domesticated Tool Cart

I was puttering around the house last Saturday, when I heard my wife in the other room suddenly burst out, “That’s CUTE!” I assumed she found another pair of shoes or a purse on sale, or maybe one of those Cape Cod beach houses only a Kennedy could afford. But then she hurried in, gripping a magazine. “Isn’t that CUTE??!” she asked (rhetorically, I hoped), holding the mag open in my face. And there it was…

In their June 2012 issue, Better Homes & Gardens featured the U.S. General 350 lb. Locking Drawer Tool Cart as an addition for a home organization project:

“A tool cart is a good home for bulky items, plus you can use it as a service station or bar.”

Not to mention that it’s a good-looking and affordable alternative to organizers at those shi shi “home” stores. Huh… using a Harbor Freight tool cabinet for kitchen design, or a design idea for any room in the house. I get it.

And the wife got it.

Expand Your Automotive Tool Kit with a Medium Tail Pipe Expander

tail pipe expander

This handy medium tail pipe expander works on thin wall pipes between 1-1/2" and 2-5/16".

This US General Medium Tail Pipe Expander (SKU 37353) from Harbor Freight Tools is a must-have for exhaust system repair and installation.  This exhaust pipe expander expands 1-1/2” to 2-5/16” thin wall pipes with a simple wrench turn!  Made of durable carbon steel, this handy tailpipe expander tool makes short work of pipes that require expanding and is a great addition to any automotive tool kit!

To ensure a tight fit and help eliminate exhaust leaks, the medium sized tailpipe expander smooths clamp grooves and rounds out bent exhaust pipes with ease.  Perfect for the car enthusiast and automotive specialist alike, this US General exhaust expander is a perfect addition to any shop or garage.

While you could expect to pay an outrageous amount for a similar tail pipe expander, at Harbor Freight you can count on a ridiculously low price!  And be sure to check out the Small Tail Pipe Expander (SKU 37352) and Large Tail Pipe Expander (SKU 37354), also available through Harbor Freight Tools!  If you perform exhaust system repair or installation, these affordable pipe expanders will get your motor hummin’!