The Revolving Four Strikes Again!

Revolving Four Tray Bin

Crafters love the Revolving Four Tray Bin for its convenience and how easy it is to customize.

I’ve mentioned the Revolving Four Tray Bin before while covering crafting. It was featured a while back in the “4 Ideas for Crafting” piece.

Jennifer Ciriano of Jenns Doodles put magnetic tape around the sides of the spinner rack so she could decorate it with flair! She put all the buttons from her button collection along the sides so she could find them more easily. Check it out:


Spinner Rack with Flair

cute AND functional

What a great idea! This could be used for catching odds and ends like paper clips, sewing needles, even scissors or needle nose pliers. It wouldn’t be quite as cute, but it would certainly make the revolving bin even more useful for crafting and craft storage.


And if you aren’t convinced yet of the utility of this bin, Natasha Z Hensel of Clever Soiree put together this great video review of it. It gives you a much better sense of the proportion and capacity of it.