A Tap and Die Set is a Staple Addition to Your Tool Chest

tap and die set

This 40 Piece Tap and Die Set is made to provide years of dependable use

The 40 Piece Alloy Steel Tap and Die Set (SKU 39424) from Pittsburgh Tools has virtually everything you need to repair stripped threads, refresh old screws and bolts, or create new fasteners. Use the sturdy taps to manufacture new internal threads, also known as the female portion of a connecting pair, and the rugged dies to form external threads like those used on a standard screw. Although most do-it-yourselfers don’t make it a regular practice to create their own nuts and bolts from raw materials using a tap and die set, this option can come in handy when just one more item is needed to complete a project. More commonly, the tap and die tools are used when threads are stripped or when rust or other debris make it virtually impossible to reconnect the item. Here are just a few reasons why this Tap and Die Set from Harbor Freight is the best choice for your tool box:

Heavy Duty Steel Lasts for Years
Like other Harbor Freight hand tools, this 40 Piece Tap and Die Set is made to provide years of dependable use. Designed for both ease-of-use and precision, this tap and die set includes three different die and tap wrenches, a screw pitch gauge, an adjusting screwdriver, 17 different taps, and 17 different dies all enclosed in a convenient storage case.

Harbor Freight Die and Tap Sets Won’t Break Your Wallet
Best of all, this set of tap and dies is just as affordable as it is dependable. With only a few uses at critical times, this tap and die set will more than pay for itself. Instead of letting a few stripped screws ruin your day, you can rely on this set of tools to quickly make the repair so that you can complete any critical project.

The Right Tool For the Job
There’s nothing like knowing you have the right tool for the job on hand when you really need it. Although many mechanics like to keep a die and tap set on hand just in case they strip a bolt or need to machine a part on the fly, this product adds value to anyone’s tool collection. These days, almost nothing comes pre-assembled. Whether you’re putting together a bike for your child or a new computer desk for your home office, it’s not uncommon to come across an improperly tapped hole. Most of the time, this means putting up with a shoddy assembly job or taking everything apart and returning it to the store. With the right tap and die, you can solve the problem in seconds and prevent a lot of wasted time and aggravation.

And Harbor Freight also carries a pipe tap and die set too!