Happy Flag Day!

We Americans love celebrating our country: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day. They’re more than just a chance to throw a barbecue, they’re an opportunity to honor those who lived and died for this nation, and a time to celebrate the privileges we have. But what is Flag Day? How did it come about, and why should we observe it?

Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the Stars & Stripes as the first American flag, which took place June 14, 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. Not only was this a significant step in symbolizing the new, independent nation, it came about on the second anniversary of the birth of the Continental Army. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed June 14 as Flag Day. In observance, Americans across the country fly the flag all week–, National Flag Week– as a petition that we always remember the roots of our nation’s history.

Instead of simply posting an American flag on a bracket above the garage, why not proudly fly it on a flag pole for all in the neighborhood to see? Harbor Freight carries both a 20 ft Telescoping Flag Pole Kit (95598)— able to carry two flags…

harbor freight flag pole kit

–and a 16 ft. Telescopic Flag Pole Kit (92901).

harbor freight 16 ft flag pole kit

Both made by One Stop Gardens, they assemble and mount easily into the ground, and are made of sturdy, rust-proof aluminum.

This year, President Obama has signed a proclamation– as all our presidents have since 1949 and beyond– encouraging Americans to fly our flag proudly. We always do.