Harbor Freight Movers Blankets Have You Covered

Moving is tough.  And not just because you’ve got to change your address, forward your mail, find new local restaurants and get your cable/internet hooked back up.  You’ve also got to get your furniture safely moved without damaging or scratching any of it.  When securing furniture (or anything you’re transporting for that matter) mover’s blankets are crucial.  And at Harbor Freight Tools, we’ve got a few different types to choose from which can be useful for a variety of jobs and tasks.  Here’s a quick look at our selection of mover’s blankets and what sets them apart from each other.

First of all, while these blankets are often called mover’s blankets or furniture pads, the usefulness of these items extends far beyond just moving furniture.  Obviously, the main use for mover’s blankets is protecting your furniture or other items when using ratchet straps, tie downs or winch straps.  The pads keep your cargo from being broken or scratched and otherwise just give you some peace of mind when you’re driving that U-Haul and trying to make it through traffic with no rear-view mirror.  Unlike paper pads, mover’s blankets won’t tear during transport and can be used again and again.


The largest furniture pads you can get at Harbor Freight are 72” x 80”.  Great for securing and protecting larger items, these blankets are also ideal for deadening noise while recording audio.  If you’re recording a song, for example, hanging some of these blankets on the walls will greatly improve acoustics, making your recording clearer.  Also, these pads can adequately silence camera noise when recording on film.  These big blankets are made of a cotton/poly blend with reinforced stitching to maintain strength and longevity for repeated use, also making them good for lying on when working under vehicles.  If you’re looking for something a little smaller, we’ve got that too.  The 60” x 72”, 40” x 72” and 36” x 40” mover’s blankets are equally durable with strong double stitched poly and non-woven fabric.


Aside from these general purpose mover’s blankets, you could also opt for the camouflage blankets.  Useful for the same tasks as the other blankets, these are also perfect accessories for hunting or covering tools and other items you don’t want to draw any extra attention to.  The camo blankets come in two designs, one the traditional dark green and the other a light green and beige for dustier areas.  Either way, these camouflage mover’s blankets offer great protection and concealment for a variety of items.

As you can see, even if you aren’t in the process of moving, these mover’s blankets have a multitude of uses around the home and garage that will make them well worth the money, especially considering they only cost between $6.99 and $9.99 each.  Even if you only use these blankets just as blankets for spreading out and having a picnic in the park or laying out in the sun, these blankets hold up to repeated use and wear and tear.  Luckily, they come without any wear and tear on your wallet.  So whether you’re moving, about to move or have no intentions of moving anytime soon, these blankets are still versatile items to keep handy!