33 Piece Deluxe Hobby Knife Set

hobby-knife-setLooking for a holiday gift that’s perfect for the hobbyist in your life? Or maybe a gift for your own creative projects? The 33 Piece Deluxe Hobby Knife Set from Harbor Freight Tools is the ideal set for a variety of art and crafting projects and makes for a great gift whether it’s for someone else or for yourself! In fact, just to be safe, I’d suggest picking up two of these amazing sets. Because if you just buy one to give away, you might have a hard time giving it up. And who needs the stress?

Seriously, this thing has just about everything you need for arts and crafting projects. With 26 assorted blades to handle nearly any type of cutting, carving, and precision work, this Hobby Knife Set is perfect for a variety of tasks. From tougher jobs like wood carving to more delicate work, this set allows you to handle it all. And with oil-resistant, ergonomic aluminum handles, you can work in comfort with less fatigue. But you don’t just get quality knives in this set. Within the protective case you’ll find a treasure trove of useful instruments. Scratch-awl blades, a caliper, a jeweler’s precision screwdriver, tweezers, and even a bonus pen-type precision screwdriver with six bits are included as well. If you think about it, when you give this set as a gift to a friend or family member, you’re really giving them 33 gifts!

And this fantastic set already has customers raving:

“This is one of those items you find at HF and can’t believe the price compare to quality. This set is absolutely amazing, just the case alone is well built rugged and can stand up to abuse. It has a rubber like material armor around it, tough plastic and a slide lock. This is an excellent set and worth every dime, if you are looking for a craft set then look no further, I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprise by the build quality and the value.” – Daveed from New York, NY

“This is a great set, some of the best handles in the market place. You would pay this price just for the handles elsewhere, good selection of blades.” – OBJ from Estacada, OR

At $13.99, you just can’t beat the quality for the price. That’s like, $0.43 per tool! And while we’re on the subject, can anyone explain why there’s no “cent” sign on keyboards? I mean, really…