Harbor Freight Tool’s Top 5 Items to Help You Stay Cooler and More Comfortable This Fourth of July

Fourth of JulyIf you are like most people this Fourth of July you will probably be outdoors enjoying barbecues, fireworks, friends, and family. But, depending on where you live, the summer can be a time when it is extremely hot and unpleasant.

A majority of people try to stay indoors and out of the sun in order to avoid the heat. However, for those brave souls who work outside or enjoy being outdoors despite the temperature, Harbor Freight Tools has your back and wants to make your outdoor experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Take a look at our top five products that will help make your Fourth of July weekend cooler and more comfortable:

  1. 13 in. x 31-1/4 in. Cooling Towel (Item 62635)

This reusable PVA cooling towel is ideal for many outdoor activities, including construction work, sporting events, and many others. Absorbent and durable, this towel Cooling Towelcools you down when things heat up. Just dip the cooling towel in room temperature water and wring it out to stay cool for hours. For those incredibly hot days simply recharge the cooling towel with ice-cold water and drape it around your neck to help fight fatigue and decrease heat stress. Remember: This cooling towel is super absorbent and has multiple uses, which not only makes it great for cooling you off while you’re working outside or exercising, but it can also be used for drying and cleaning. So if someone spills a drink or makes a mess during your Fourth of July party simply grab your cooling towel and clean it up with ease.

  1. Foldable Aluminum Sports Chair (Item 62314)

Once you’re cooled off with your new super absorbent cooling towel, take a seat and relax with our foldable aluminum Foldable Aluminum Sportssports chair, perfect for almost any type of outdoor gathering. Lightweight and foldable, this sports chair has three sidepockets, a bottle holder, and a folding side table all conveniently located by the armrest making it the perfect chair for any outdoor event. Whether you’re spending the day at your kid’s soccer tournament or just relaxing at the beach, quickly store your water, cell phone, sunscreen or sunglasses for quick and easy access and storage.

  1. Propane Level Gauge (Item 66940)

If you are like most people, you hate going to the grill, hitting ignite and finding out your tank is out of propane. When you’re grilling up those hot dogs and hamburgers this Propane Level GaugeFourth of July make sure you have enough propane to last you the whole day with this propane level gauge, which clearly displays the level of your propane tank allowing you to easily see when it’s time for a refill. This propane level gauge works on grills with outputs of up to 80,000 BTU’s per hour. The propane level gauge allows for convenient viewing of the propane level and will also fit patio heaters and other appliances with type-1 connections. Never run out of propane again and stop guessing when your tank will be empty with the convenient and easy-to-use propane level gauge.

  1. Barbecue Brush (Item 38790)

Once you’re finished barbecuing, make sure to leave your barbecue nice and clean for the next use with this brass bristle barbecue brush. Barbacue BrushThis durable brush won’t scratch coated grates and is strong enough to prevent splintering, even under heavy use. Have stubborn, dried up food stuck on the grill? Not to worry, the barbecue brush also has a steel scraper, which allows you to easily remove those burnt, charred pieces of meat that can sometimes be difficult to scrape away. Whatever type of mess remains on your barbecue, this brush with brass bristles and scraper can quickly and easily remove any mess leaving your barbecue nice and clean for the next use.

  1. Electronic Fly Swatter (Item 61351)

No Fourth of July barbecue is complete without something to keep those pesky flies away from your mouthwatering meal. Keep your Fourth of July barbecue free of flies with the electric fly swatter that kills flies quickly and effortlessly. When one lands next to you, simply place the electronic fly swatter over the insect, touch the button, and it kills them instantly, even if you don’t touch the entire insect. You no longer need to take off your shoe or roll up a newspaper.

For more information about the products featured here simply visit the Harbor Freight Tools website or your local store to take advantage of our great product selection. Happy Fourth of July!