Get Yourself a Fly Swatter with a Shocking Twist!

Buzzing, pesky insects — flies in particular — tend to make camping and other outdoor activities a little less enjoyable. Now, outdoors enthusiasts have one more weapon in their pest-fighting arsenals: the electric fly swatter (SKU 40122). This battery-powered camping fly swatter is conveniently-sized and highly portable, making it an easy way to get the most pleasure from all your outdoor adventures. This fly swatter is also great for home use.

electric fly swatter

This battery-powered camping fly swatter is conveniently-sized and highly portable

Its sporty shape makes the electric tennis racket fly swatter infinitely more appealing than the floppy, low-quality version your mother kept hanging on a nail on the back porch. Its attractive lightning bolt design, easy-grip handle and small power switch make the fly swatter electric discreet and simple to use. Weighing in at under a pound and measuring less than two feet long, this is a great camping fly swatter.

At this exceptionally low price, you’ll want at least one electric fly swatter for your home as well.  Those who frequently entertain outdoors will truly appreciate the gift of pest-free parties and backyard barbecues as well their guests. The electric fly swatter works on mosquitoes and other stinging or biting insects in addition to flies, leaving hosts and visitors with pleasant memories instead of bug bite-covered limbs.

This electric tennis racket fly swatter makes the great outdoors seem even greater. From the satisfying zap of that first swat, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this camping fly swatter. At home or out in the wilderness, the electric fly swatter is an awesome outdoor tool. Also be sure to check these other great outdoor tools at Harbor Freight.