Lighten Up Close and Personal

It’s the little things… that drive you nuts when they limit you in your work or hobby!

Whether you’re making jewelry, doing fine repair work, building a model, soldering circuitry or inking a bro, you’ll always be grateful for the day you headed down to Harbor Freight and picked up that Chicago Electric Fluorescent Magnifying Lamp.



The best of all worlds– a hands-free magnifying glass with light– this pro-quality, daylight-spectrum fluorescent lamp comes with a precision ground lens, providing fine detail and excellent clarity. Its 3-diopter magnification enlarges pictures, text and pieces to 1.75% their actual size and comes with a lens cover to protect against dust and particles. The magnified lamp also sits on a sturdy spring-balance arm which can extend up to 38″, and easily swivels and maneuvers to all your needs.

A great aid in so many situations, the Chicago Electric magnifying lamp is cheap, reliable and available at Harbor Freight now.