Harbor Freight Stamps Again!

The steel letter / number stamping sets that we sell at Harbor Freight Tools get a lot of mileage with crafters. A little while back I posted about plant markers made from spoons with the help of one of these sets. Today I found an equally crafty idea from Grey Luster Girl. She made plant tags out of soda cans, string, and a Harbor Freight Tool stamping set.

DIY Pop Can Herb Tags

check out these super crafty DIY pop can herb tags from grey luster girl!

4 Great Ideas for Crafters

It’s great to see Harbor Freight products being used in creative ways. People seem to associate Harbor Freight Tools with middle-aged men in garage shops and man caves where they spend hours toiling over their latest auto restoration project or some other manly agenda. But this is far from the truth, and here are some inspirationally crafty ideas to prove it:

    1. Revolving 4 Tray BinFirst, we have the 12-inch revolving four-tray bin, also known as a spinning rack. Being partial to the mid-20th century industrial style, I think it looks cool on its own, but these ladies wanted something more custom and did some amazing work with washi tape, spray paint and contact paper.
wood grain spinning tool project

Kinsey Wilson covered her spinner rack with wood grain contact paper

washi tape spinner rack project

Shanna Noel spray painted her spinner rack and trimmed it with washi tape

  1. dual cup suction lifterThe dual cup suction lifter is billed on our site as “strong enough to pull out dents in auto body panels or move plate glass.” The blogger over at Sew Many Ways, however, saw a much simpler use for it – a handle for a large quilt ruler.

    quilt ruler handle

    Crafty and practical – Sew Many Ways took our dual suction lifter and used it to make quilting easier

  2. letter / number stamping setOur 36-piece 1/8” steel letter/number stamping set is one of our most versatile products when it comes to crafting. I mean, it really only does one thing, but there are infinite ways you can utilize that one thing – most notably turning old spoons into garden markers and making jewelry.
    vintage spoon garden markers

    As seen on Organize and Decorate Everything you can use them to stamp into vintage spoons that can then be used as markers for your herb garden.

    clay word pendant

    Saved by Love Creations used their metal stamp to update a pendant

    washer necklace

    Over at Not So Idle Hands, these nifty stampers were used to make washer necklaces

  3. diamond braid ropeLast but not least, our super-strong diamond braid rope was turned into homemade jump ropes by the Salty Pineapple.

    homemade jump rope

    The Salty Pineapple made these adorable jump ropes out of diamond braid rope

Take a look at these great ideas and let us know what you’ve been doing with Harbor Freight Tools!