Get Out Your Boats for Memorial Day!

Summer’s on its way—and there’s no better time to get out on the water than Memorial Day weekend! And if you’re wondering how you’re going to get that12-14’ boat, kayak or canoe over there, check out the sturdy, reliable, and best-selling Haul-Master 600-lb-capacity boat trailer at Harbor Freight.

This lightweight steel trailer can be moved and maneuvered single-handedly, making it easy to mount, get on the road or store away. It comes equipped with carpeted bunks and rollers and is suitable for flat and v-shaped hulls, and its light frame enables it to be pulled safely by a variety of family vehicles.

The Haul-Master boat trailer also comes with a quality light kit that connects to your vehicle’s taillights, enabling it to travel safely day or night.

At $399.99 the Haul-Master 600-lb-capacity boat trailer is a great deal that’ll give you years of service and enjoyment!

Boat Trailer

Transport a craft weighing up to 600 lbs with this boat trailer!