Remove Rust, Residue and More with an Air Needle Scaler!

air needle scaler

Nothing beats an Air Needle Scaler for powering off scale, rust and more. Nineteen needles quickly scour hard surfaces.

The versatile and incredibly easy-to-use Air Needle Scaler (Central Pneumatic 1108) from Harbor Freight Tools powers off scale, rust, paint, cement, sealer and more from hard, durable or even irregular surfaces! Just attach the pneumatic needle scaler to your air compressor and let the 19 hardened steel needles do the work for you. Watch as they quickly scour the desired surface to a clean and smooth finish! This needle scaler is designed for tough, durable areas and should not be used on easily damaged surfaces.

Generating up to 4600 BPMs with three different settings, this pneumatic scaler handles tough jobs while still allowing you to easily adjust for each application. With both versatility and power, this needle scaler from Harbor Freight is sure to become your go-to tool for rust and residue removal.

And while the air needle scaler is built to last, you can always pick up a 19 Piece Needle Scaler Replacement Set from Harbor Freight for back-up needles. Even if you’ve had to scale back your tool budget, Harbor Freight has you covered! You’ll be hard pressed to find an air needle scaler of this quality for a better price anywhere!