Harbor Freight Blows – Masterfully!

Oh, what a difference a cool breeze makes! I think we’ve all experienced enough hot air (even when it’s not an election year) to know that buying a capable fan is NOT a no-brainer. Such disagreeable memories linger with us, and the recent unseasonably warm days are reminding us, it’s time to buy some fans! For the garage or shop… the porch and patio… maybe the loft.

Do yourself a favor and check out the Chicago Electric 30″ Pedestal Shop Fan. Its three settings –7400, 7430 and 7730 CFM– deliver strong currents  of cool air; the fan tilts up to 75 degrees and the base can be adjusted from 62-3/4” to 85-1/2”, so air will go directly where you need it to.

But, like I always say, it’s not enough to just give in to fancy promises from slick copywriters. What are the customers around the country saying? Here are a few comments:

“I bought this fan for my AZ house, where it gets very hot. As a retired Fire Fighter, I use it for positive-pressure ventilation. I place it on the shady side of the house about 8′ from the door and blow the cool night air through the house. I run it for about 6 hours at a time, and it stays outside all year long. I have been using it for about 4 years now with no problems. Saves using the A/C for about 4 months out of the year.”  Unclebob9 – Bullhead City, AZ

“Well it’s very hot in Tampa , the summer heat is no joke! You need a shop fan that will do the job, move air! Well this fan moves air in all three speeds. This is a must-have item in the shop for the long summer days. The product is well built and only takes 20. min. to build. I added 4 locking casters to the four pre-drilled holes in the base. This allows this beast to move around the floor just where you need it. 5 stars!”  Harley Pete – Tampa, FL

“After reading all of the other reviews, I was skeptical about buying this fan, but have been dying in this SoCal heat. I unpacked all of the parts and realized assembly is pretty self-explanatory. I did not need the directions and only used 3 tools (a Phillips head screwdriver, an 8 mm wrench, and a 10 mm wrench). I had it together in about 10 minutes, plugged it in, turned it on, and wow! I am a mechanic and it has been getting up to 99 degrees in the shop these past few weeks, but this fan makes it bearable, easily dropping the temp 10 to 15 degrees (in front of the fan of course). I have the fan placed about 15 feet away and turned on high and it has enough power to keep my shirt flapping in the wind. We have 3 fans in my shop; a 36″ floor barrel-type, a 24″ pedestal-type, and mine. Mine is the second loudest, but blows the most air. All in all, I’m EXTREMELY glad I bought this fan.”  VW Mechanic – Paramount, CA

So, it only goes to show, at the BLOWout price of $139.99, the 30″ pedestal shop fan at Harbor Freight BLOWS the competition in value. Don’t BLOW the opportunity to get one– or more– for your shop or garage, or you will WIND up regretting it (much as I will these pathetic stabs at humor).


If you’re not in the market for a pedestal fan, Harbor Freight also has the gusty Chicago Electric 24″ Shop Floor Fan. This high-power work horse provides massive air flow for ventilating large areas, drying carpets, flooded basements or paint jobs,  or removing chemical fumes quickly. It’s also perfect for outdoor parties or gatherings around the patio. This industrial-grade unit comes with low and high settings,  thermal-overload protection and two carry handles for easy portability. At the low price of $129.99, it’s a great addition to any work area.

And, as with the pedestal fan, the comments say it all:

“I have a 24-inch Global Industrial blower fan. When I found out Harbor Freight was selling this fan, I went to check it out. Wow! This fan is same in every detail except for the stand.You can pay more, but you can not buy a better fan anywhere, I know this. They low-ball this fan in output, too. It’s lot higher, folks. Commercial grade? More like industrial grade.”  Cold Breeze – San Diego, CA

“This is a great little item for a party or even for your work. For this size, it delivers a great amount of air. I love it. Compact and light, great to take to your workplace.”  TNSHP – US

“Used in a flooded basement– worked real good moving the air.”   Kenny, Wichita, KS

On your next trip to Harbor Freight, check out the shop fans– as well as their other terrific deals– and don’t forget to bring along your 20% Off Coupon!