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Security is a major concern for most people. However, it may seem that a determined thief will be able to walk away with whatever he or she wants. What’s important to remember is that most burglaries are crimes of opportunity and speed.

Chris E. McGoey, a security consultant in Los Angeles, says that burglars generally go for what they can grab in one run through a house. “Once they get their arms full,” he adds, “they’re out of there.”

From Consumer Reports: A 1.2 or 1.3 cubic-foot safe probably weighs about 100 pounds empty, making it a less attractive target than jewelry, cameras, small electronics, and other more portable items a burglar might spot. Many safes also come with bolt-down kits, a further deterrent to thieves in a hurry. Other safes can be concealed in a wall or anchored in a concrete floor.

In addition to protecting valuables, another consideration is storing important documents which should be protected but still readily accessible such as birth certificates, passports, estate-planning documents, life-insurance policies, savings bonds, stock certificates and tax returns.

While you can’t put a price on peace of mind, you don’t have to spend a fortune to secure important items. Check out the Union Safe Company brand of safes. There are several different types of safes in the Union line from which to choose depending on your security needs.

0.19 Cubic Ft. Electronic Digital Safe
Keep valuables and important documents safe without taking up a lot of space. Featuring heavy-gauge steel construction and digital as well as keyed access, this electronic digital safe can be mounted to the wall or floor with included hardware. The 8-digit programmable keypad has wrong-code lockout and uses four AA batteries sold separately.


0.37 cu. ft. Electronic Safe
Compact but tough, this solid steel safe has 2 x ¾ in. dia. locking bolts and includes hardware to mount it to the wall or floor. The programmable access code features wrong-code lockout and has back up keyed entry. The electronic keypad with 8-digit code capacity uses four AA batteries sold separately.


0.53 cu. ft. Electronic Wall Safe
This large-capacity wall-mounted safe features solid steel construction, pry-resistant concealed hinges and a recessed handle for easier concealment as well. The dual security system allows keyless access with a programmable 9-digit security code and hidden key override. The keypad uses four AA batteries sold separately.


1.51 cu. ft. Solid Steel Digital Floor Safe
This electronic floor safe is built with heavy-gauge steel plate and features tamper-proof hinges. The dual-entry lock enables you to enter the safe using the programmable digital key pad or keyed entry so you never have to worry about lock-out. The digital floor safe has removable casters and can be mounted to the floor or wall with included hardware. Though compact, it weighs in at 76 pounds. The keypad uses four AA batteries sold separately.


0.17 cu. ft. Electronic Handgun Safe
There are several reasons why having a gun safe is a good idea, ranging from keeping your firearms out of reach of children to accessibility. This dual-entry electronic gun safe features a no-look keypad with a programmable 5-digit code for quick access, even in the dark. Plus, the computer will block access after repeated invalid keypad entries. Other features include sturdy steel construction, high strength locking mechanism and precise fittings that make prying into it with hand tools virtually impossible. This gun safe meets California DOJ requirements. The keypad uses four AA batteries sold separately.


Digital Drawer Safe
Add security to your desk or dresser drawer with this digital drawer safe. The safe is constructed with heavy-gauge steel and features pry-resistant concealed hinges and dual entry system—keyed and digital keypad with programmable 8-digit security code. The keypad uses 4 AA batteries sold separately.


10 cu. ft. 59 in. Electronic Executive Safe
Weighing in at over 250 lbs., this heavy-gauge steel safe provides solid security! Features include pry-resistant concealed hinges, 5 x ¾ in. dia. steel bolts, keyed and keyless entry with an 8-digit programmable code and three adjustable shelves to secure a variety of items and documents. The electronic keypad uses four C batteries sold separately.


The Union Safe Company brand of safes is available at your local Harbor Freight Tools store. Harbor Freight also carries the Large Steel Book Safe which is a safe disguised as a book, and the Fire Safe with Combination and Key Lock which is guaranteed to protect valuables in a fire up to 1700° F for one hour.





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