Melting a Rainbow

Being a former retail store worker I’ve always associated heat guns with shrink wrapping product. In fact, this was probably my favorite part of any number of retail jobs I had. There is just something satisfying about watching the plastic shrink to perfection. And if I accidentally shrank the wrap too much to where it started to rip, well that just meant I got to rip it off and start over again! It was hard for me to imagine how there could be a more fun use of a heat gun – at least until I started reading about the things people do with Harbor Freight heat guns (I’m serious!). People have been known to use them to do things as unexpected as roast coffee and make nachos (did someone say nachos?!).

1500 Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun

The versatile 1500 Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun. Use it to strip paint, loosen fittings, thaw pipes, make nachos, or create crayon art!

Lately, I’ve been finding crafty people around the internet using heat guns to make melted crayon art. This relatively simple idea is a great project for older children or a way to get some vibrant color into any room. To get an idea of the how-to and final product of melted crayon art, check out this finished piece from

Melted Crayon Art from

Made with Harbor Freight Tools! Learn how-to at

Over at they turned melted crayon art into a rainbow of teacher appreciation. Now Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Dawson will have fancy colorful name plates for their classrooms!

Personalized Melted Crayon Art

Personalized Melted Crayon ArtAlso made with Harbor Freight Tools! Learn how-to at

So tell me, dear readers, how do you use your Harbor Freight Tools heat gun?