The HFT ’67 Firebird Restoration Project: Part 1

How good is Harbor Freight Tools, really? To find out, Jeff Tann– car enthusiast and former Rod & Custom editor–will fully restore a 1967 Pontiac Firebird using only tools sold at Harbor Freight. Starting today, we’ll follow his progress.

In the first installment of this 12-part series, let’s look at the muscle car as it was originally presented to Jeff. As you can see, the Firebird– all original– isn’t in terrible shape, but definitely has seen the wear of time and use. Even so, we’re looking at an American classic, and wouldn’t it be awesome to see it return to its 100% perfection?

Each week we’ll cover another phase of the project, until we see it through to its completion. Starting next week, we’ll start with removing the engine.

Follow with us and witness firsthand how the affordable, quality tools at Harbor Freight perform in this most challenging exercise.


  1. Lou Perez says

    He shouldn’t have any problems. I started purchasing hand tools, power tools and welders from Harbor Freight 10 years ago, they have served me well and are still like new… Looking forward to the build!

  2. says

    I liked HF and always see posting BUT then I see a Bird! Noway. I have a 69 Bird and make a custom gauge pod for it. VERY COOOL! Cant wait to see it going!