Get Moving with Harbor Freight

Moving can be an extremely stressful experience. But whether you’re moving across town or across the country, a little bit of planning and preparation will go a long way in making your next move smooth—and save you time and money in the process!

Here are a few suggestions:

Make a list of what needs to be done
Disconnecting utilities, supplies to purchase, etc. When you’re in the middle of moving, it’s easy to get sidetracked or forgetful, but your trusty list will keep things in order!

Have plenty of supplies
You’ll need the basics like pens, tape, color-coded labels and most of all … boxes! Get plenty of boxes—more than you think you’ll need! Most moving supply companies will buy back unused boxes so there’s no reason not to get extras. On the day of the move, keep ten boxes aside ready for bedding, clothing and cleaning supplies.

Wardrobe boxes
Not only do these large upright boxes make moving clothes a lot easier, but you can put comforters, towels and other bulky items in the bottom portion. Just make sure the boxes aren’t too heavy to lift!

Tip: measure the clothes in your closet and then find
out how wide the wardrobe boxes are so you’ll know
how many you’ll need.

Color coding and grouping
Pick a color for each room, for example, yellow for the kitchen. Put the respective color labels on the boxes designated for that room. If you’re using movers, put a matching color label on the door of the room in your new location so they’ll know where to put the boxes.

Move lamps with lightbulbs, bookends with books, extension cords with appliances, cable cords with the TV, etc. It will make unpacking and getting set up a lot easier!

Pack ahead
Waiting until the last minute can be overwhelming and there’s no reason why you can’t pack in advance those items you don’t use day to day. Also, if you have three TVs in the house, pack up two of them and live with the one TV for a few weeks—or you could pack up all three and the family could spend more time talking to each other … nah!

Luggage, baskets and duffle bags
Fill ‘em up with sheets, towels, documents and the clothes you’ll want immediate access to when you arrive at your new home! It will be a lot easier to keep track of and spot a suitcase during a move compared to one of several dozen cardboard boxes.

Sandwich bags
Use them for holding small parts like screws, nuts, bolts and brackets. They can then be taped to and packed with their corresponding items or kept in your purse or backpack so you’ll have quick access when you arrive at the new location.

Take photos of how electronics are set-up
It can be frustrating to get into your new home and then not be able to hook up all the electronics you depend on! A picture will solve that problem!

A picture says a thousand instructions

Vacuum seal out-of-season clothing
It will take up less space when moving and then can go directly into storage in your new home.

Make your last grocery shopping trip two weeks prior to moving
Dried goods can be packed and moved, but perishables … well, they’re perishable! Make a point of eating the food in the refrigerator (and freezer) for the few weeks leading up to the move—the more you use, the less you’ll have to throw out which is a waste of money. Also, it’s a good idea to let your refrigerator defrost a day or two before moving so you can wipe up any excess liquid and not have to unpack a stinky, wet mess in your new home!


Harbor Freight Tools carries a full line of moving supplies and equipment. Check out these moving items:

Moving Blankets
A must-have for protecting furniture and other items.

72 in. x 80 in. Moving Blanket


40 in. x 72 in. Moving Blanket


Hand Trucks & Dollies
For moving stacks of boxes, large appliances and other heavy items, hand trucks and dollies are mandatory equipment. Harbor Freight offers several different types depending on your needs.

2-in-1 Convertible Hand Truck – 800 Lb. / 600 Lb. Capacity


600 lb. Capacity Appliance Hand Truck


600 lb. Capacity Extra Wide Hand Truck

24 in. x 36 in. Folding Platform Truck


150 lb. Capacity Foldable Hand Truck


16 in. x 28 in. Folding Platform Truck


700 lb. Capacity Utility Hand Truck


700 lb. Capacity Bigfoot Hand Truck

30 In x 18 In 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly


18 In. x 12 In. 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly


30 In x 18 In 1000 lb. Capacity Polypropylene Dolly


19-1/2 In x 14-1/2 In 200 lb. Capacity Polypropylene Dolly


Shoulder Dolly


Other Moving Accessories and Supplies

Magic Mover Furniture Sliders

Move heavy furniture and large appliances easily!


60 Yards Masking Paper

Protect surfaces when moving in or out!


18 in. x 1470 Ft High Performance Stretch Wrap
Bind boxes and other items quickly and easily.


5 in. x 1000 ft. High Performance Stretch Wrap
Also used for binding boxes and more.


1.88 in. x 55 Yards Clear Packaging Tape 3 Pk

Also available in single rolls.


Swivel Handle for Wooden Dolly
Gives a wooden dolly more maneuverability.


Vacuum Storage Bags, Set of Three
Use your vacuum and these bags to maximize packing and storage space.


105 Pc Tool Kit with 4-Drawer Chest
Remove and reconnect hardware, make quick repairs and more!


Take the hassle out of moving with a little help from Harbor Freight Tools. You can visit one of 800+ locations nationwide or Now get moving!




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