Home Auto Shop: The Noble Gantry

Working in the garage is always therapeutic—until you find yourself with a three-person job, and the only guy who answers to you is… you. And, more often than not, that usually involves lifting something heavy. I can give you three reasons why a 1-Ton Telescopic Gantry Crane is a lifesaver in the restorer’s—and any project man’s– garage:

  1. It provides a strong, stable lifting platform.
  2. The I-beam height adjusts from 8’ to 12-1/2’, ensuring its capability in various situations.
  3. It’s got your back (literally) when you’re trying to single-handedly lift, load or unload heavy objects.

 Add a 1-Ton Push Beam Trolley, and the Telescopic Gantry Crane is one of the best investments a lone hobbyist or gear head can make. 

 What heavy stuff do you deal with for your projects?