Home Auto Shop: The Noble Gantry

Working in the garage is always therapeutic—until you find yourself with a three-person job, and the only guy who answers to you is… you. And, more often than not, that usually involves lifting something heavy. I can give you three reasons why a 1-Ton Telescopic Gantry Crane is a lifesaver in the restorer’s—and any project man’s– garage:

  1. It provides a strong, stable lifting platform.
  2. The I-beam height adjusts from 8’ to 12-1/2’, ensuring its capability in various situations.
  3. It’s got your back (literally) when you’re trying to single-handedly lift, load or unload heavy objects.

 Add a 1-Ton Push Beam Trolley, and the Telescopic Gantry Crane is one of the best investments a lone hobbyist or gear head can make. 

 What heavy stuff do you deal with for your projects?


  1. says

    This would come in very handy when I’m working on projects for my mod blog http://www.redbeardlabs.com. I could have used this on the mini bike reverse trike or on my current project -putting 400cc four wheeler engine in golf cart. love Harbor Freight Tools!