The Makings of the Perfect French Fry

french fry cutter

Sacré bleu!  It’s Tour de France Month!

And what better way to celebrate this time-honored, performance-enhancing event than to promenade to your local Harbor Freight Tools and se procurer one of their incredibly magnifique Heavy-Duty French Fry Cutters?

This french fry cutter has two pushing blocks and two cutting frames to make thick and thin-cut fries! Designed to be wall mounted (in fact, for best performance I recommend it), it’s effective for cutting other vegetables as well!  If you’re into making foods like vegetable tempura or just a veggie tray for a party, you could also run carrots, jicama and such through this, or get creative and make fries out of something besides potatoes. Mon dieu! The possibilities! Get restaurant results right at home with this amazing french fry cutter! And with the comparative price of a bag of potatoes versus frozen pre-cut fries, this pays for itself pretty quickly. Only $29.99 at Harbor Freight Tools– and don’t forget to clip your 20% Off Coupon for even greater savings!

Naturally, there is the issue of cooking the perfect french fry. Bonne chance, mon ami! Not to fear, I’ve got the recipe for you. In fact, it’s called “The Recipe for the Perfect French Fry,” so look no further. Here it is:

  1. Cut raw potatoes into french fries with your Harbor Freight Tools Heavy-Duty French Fry Cutter.
  2. Heat up a pan of peanut oil and throw in the potatoes, only cooking them 25% (flash fry, or blanch).
  3. Put the partially-cooked french fries in the freezer.
  4. Finish frying the now-frozen potatoes when you’re ready to eat.

Bon appétit!

tour de france

On a final thought, I stumbled on this YouTube video someone put together for the French Fry Cutter. I couldn’t resist.