Lift Up to 20 Tons with this Central Hydraulics Bottle Jack

20 ton hydraulic jack

Our hydraulic bottle jack lifts up to 20 tons and lifts from 10-1/4" to 20" high.

Whether you’re performing automotive, agricultural, industrial, or construction work, this Central Hydraulics 20 Ton Air/Over Hydraulic Jack (SKU 95553) from Harbor Freight Tools handles a lot! Using either air or manual power, this hydraulic jack makes it easy to lift up to 20 tons from 10-1/4” to 20” high! With that lift capacity and range, it’s the perfect hydraulic jack for car or truck repair and maintenance.But this bottle hydraulic jack doesn’t have a jacked up price like other units.

For a fraction of what you’d pay at other retailers, you get a hydraulic jack bottle unit that includes a 48” air hose with fittings and the same high quality craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Harbor Freight for over 40 years! And with the manual or air operation option, you have the ability to use this amazing bottle jack practically anywhere you need it! Lift work pieces while connected to an air supply in your garage or use the jack manually in the field. Either way, you’ll be able to power through lifting applications like never before. And without powering through your tool budget!

And don’t forget, as with any jack hydraulic oil is essential to maintaining your unit’s longevity and performance. Pick some up along with a 20 Ton Air/Over Hydraulic Jack today and start lifting!

Measure Temperatures from a Distance with this Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

non-contact infrared laser thermometer

The Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer instantly measures temperatures from a distance. Just point the laser at the intended surface!

The Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer instantly measures temperatures from a distance. Do it the convenient and accurate way with the Cen-Tech Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Laser Targeting (SKU 96451) from Harbor Freight Tools! By just pointing the laser at the intended surface, this amazing infrared laser thermometer instantly measures surface temperatures.

This tool is often also referred to as a laser thermometer because of the built-in laser used to target surface temperatures in just 500 milliseconds! And with the included 9 volt DC battery, this laser IR thermometer goes wherever it’s needed. Whether you’re going from jobsite to jobsite or working on several vehicles in a shop, the CenTech laser thermometer is just the tool you need to easily measure temperatures in just about any location.

If you’re in the market for an infrared thermometer with laser targeting and don’t want to pay a price that will make you see red, then get down to Harbor Freight where you can find this item for much less than what you’ll pay elsewhere! Our laser infrared thermometer is accurate up to +/- 4° below 212° F and +/- 2° above 212° F with a temperature range of -4°F (-20°C) to 968°F (520°C) making it a perfect addition to any tool chest or automotive kit.

Don’t overpay for a quality tool!  Set your sights on Harbor Freight and pick up this Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer today!