With This Wireless Driveway Alert System You’ll Never Be Caught Off Guard

wireless driveway alert

Never be caught off guard with a state-of-the-art driveway alert system installed!

With the Bunker Hill Security Wireless Driveway Alert System (Bunker Hill 93068) from Harbor Freight Tools mounted securely to an outside post or wall, you’ll be notified anytime a visitor is approaching.  When the infrared sensor detects motion at your driveway or walkway, a wireless receiver will chime so you’re never caught off-guard by unexpected company again.  This state-of-the-art driveway alert system comes with weather-resistant plastic housings and mounting hardware so installation is simple and holds up in nearly any environment.

For driveway alert wireless is the way to go.  The receiver can be placed anywhere inside your house within 200 feet of the driveway alert sensor so you can easily be notified of visitors while working or relaxing.  When the infrared driveway alert alarm detects movement, you’ll know immediately!  And you’ll also save money immediately.  With Harbor Freight’s ridiculously low prices, you’ll pay less for the same high quality wireless driveway alert protection as you would at competing retailers!

Be prepared for that unexpected knock at the door or visitor in your driveway with the handy Wireless Driveway Alert System from Harbor Freight Tools.  Making sure your family is safe shouldn’t cost a lot of money!  Get to Harbor Freight today and be sure to pick up some 9 volt batteries as well!

This Quick Release Breaker Bar Won’t Break the Bank!

breaker bar

This heavy duty breaker bar is the tool to reach for when you need extra torque!

When you need high torque, a standard length socket wrench just won’t cut it.  The Pittsburgh ¾” Drive 20” Quick Release Breaker Bar (Pittsburgh SKU 98270) from Harbor Freight Tools is just the tool you need for breaking loose tight fasteners without breaking your tool budget!

This 20” long breaker bar tool is fashioned from chrome vanadium steel for durability and enables you to generate significantly more torque than any standard length socket wrench so you can power through jobs in no time!uick release mechanism on this heavy duty breaker bar makes it easy to switch between different sized sockets so you’re ready for just about any application.  Removing lug nuts and performing roadside tire replacement is made easier with a breaker bar that offers more leverage for the loosening of tight bolts. Whether you’ve got stubborn bolts or fasteners, this amazing quick-release breaker bar from Harbor Freight gets the job done quickly and easily!

Other breaker bars could easily run you double what you’ll pay for this tool at Harbor Freight.  Why spend more for the same amount of torque?  With 750 foot lbs. of maximum torque capacity, the ¾” Drive 20” long Quick Release Breaker Bar won’t bend and break under pressure like other tools.  When you need to break loose tough fasteners reach for the breaker bar that’s both powerful and affordable!

Unlock the Possibilities with this 100 Piece Security Bit Set

security bit set

This 100-piece bit set includes security bits that let you work with hex, hollow hex, Pozi bits, Torx bits, hollow-tip Torx bits, square and spline fasteners.

You never know when you’ll need a special bit for a job!  With this handy DrillMaster 100 Piece Security Bit Set (SKU 91310) from Harbor Freight Tools, you’ll be ready for just about anything.  This security bit set comes jam-packed with a wide array of bits and fasteners in a custom case. You’ll never waste time searching for the right bit again!

With the versatile security screwdriver bit set at your disposal, you’ll have the power to repair products with hex, hollow hex, Pozi bits, Torx bits, hollow-tip Torx bits, square and spline fasteners. This set is constructed of rugged chrome vanadium steel for longevity and is a must-have for your tool chest or automotive shop. And best of all, this set is easily affordable at less than what you would pay for an identical set elsewhere!

This set includes a security torx bit set, including Torx bits from T-8 to T-45.  A torx security bit set is hard to find, especially at such a low price!  With this set, you get that and more so you can feel secure that you’ll never be without that special function bit again!