Expand Your Automotive Tool Kit with a Medium Tail Pipe Expander

tail pipe expander

This handy medium tail pipe expander works on thin wall pipes between 1-1/2" and 2-5/16".

This US General Medium Tail Pipe Expander (SKU 37353) from Harbor Freight Tools is a must-have for exhaust system repair and installation.  This exhaust pipe expander expands 1-1/2” to 2-5/16” thin wall pipes with a simple wrench turn!  Made of durable carbon steel, this handy tailpipe expander tool makes short work of pipes that require expanding and is a great addition to any automotive tool kit!

To ensure a tight fit and help eliminate exhaust leaks, the medium sized tailpipe expander smooths clamp grooves and rounds out bent exhaust pipes with ease.  Perfect for the car enthusiast and automotive specialist alike, this US General exhaust expander is a perfect addition to any shop or garage.

While you could expect to pay an outrageous amount for a similar tail pipe expander, at Harbor Freight you can count on a ridiculously low price!  And be sure to check out the Small Tail Pipe Expander (SKU 37352) and Large Tail Pipe Expander (SKU 37354), also available through Harbor Freight Tools!  If you perform exhaust system repair or installation, these affordable pipe expanders will get your motor hummin’!

An Electric Die Grinder That Fits Tight Spots and Tight Budgets

electric die grinder with long shaft

This electric die grinder has a longer-than-typical shaft that lets you reach into tight, cramped work spaces.

A die grinder is an essential tool for any automotive specialist.  This versatile Electric Die Grinder with Long Shaft (SKU 44141) by Chicago Electric Power Tools is available only through Harbor Freight and is designed to allow you to reach into tight or hard to reach spaces with ease. Measuring over four inches longer than similar electric die grinders, this tool is also lightweight, maneuverable, and, best of all, easy to fit into any tool budget!

With this long reach electric die grinder, you can sand, polish and grind metal, wood and plastic to your needs no matter how cramped the work space. This die grinder electric tool is especially useful for automotive grinding. The extra long shaft easily gets into those exhaust pipes, engine bays and other cramped or tight spaces that standard die grinders just won’t reach!

The grinder’s 1/4″ collet accepts most die grinder accessories so you can switch applications quickly. And with an all ball-bearing construction for durability and maximum 25,000 RPM speed, this incredible electric die grinder will help you power through your projects for years to come!  Check it out along with our Front Exhaust Air Angle Die Grinder (SKU 52848) and our Rear Exhaust Air Die Grinder (SKU 32046)  today.

Find Any Angle Fast and Easy with the Digital Angle Gauge

digital angle gauge

Measure angles quickly and easily on nearly any magnetic surface with this digital angle gauge!

This Cen-Tech brand Digital Angle Gauge (SKU 95998) from Harbor Freight Tools takes the guesswork out of measuring angles!  This high quality digital angle finder is magnetized so it can stick to most metal surfaces including table saw blades, miter tables and more!  Even use it to make sure the surface of your work piece is level.  This amazing angle finder tool displays the precise angle in seconds on the LCD digital screen.  The Hold button allows you to freeze the reading so you can make the appropriate adjustments.

But the only adjustment you need to make now is to switch from your standard angle finder to the Harbor Freight Digital Angle Gauge!  With the ease and accuracy the Digital Angle Gauge provides, you’ll save time on your projects after saving money with Harbor Freight Tools.  Similar digital angle finders retail for double what you’ll pay at Harbor Freight and you still get the same high quality.

With its durable steel construction and magnetic base, this handy Digital Angle Gauge will serve you for years to come.  Accurate to 0.3 degrees, this tool is right on the money in more ways than one!