Make Your Life Easier with a Foldable Trailer

Whether you’re on the job or having fun, there are dozens of ways to make your life easier with a trailer. But what happens when you don’t have the space for one? Sure, you could park it outside, but just think of how much static you’ll catch from your spouse or neighbor for plunking it in their favorite parking spot or cluttering their view.

foldable utility trailer

When it comes to versatility and flexibility folding trailers have conventional ones beat

That’s where a folding trailer comes in handy. When it comes to versatility, flexibility and maximum convenience, folding trailers have conventional ones beat hands down. Why bother renting a trailer when folding trailers for sale are available? Renting works for those who need a trailer once in a blue moon, but a lot of people soon discover after renting one how useful they can be.

Consider another situation: If you have a car or SUV, some stuff is just impossible to stash inside. In this case a trailer is a must. Even those with a large pickup bed will still at times find the need for a trailer. Unfortunately, a full-size conventional trailer takes up too much space in many driveways or garages.

This is where the Haul-Master 1195 Lb. Capacity 48″ x 96″ Heavy-Duty Foldable Utility Trailer with 12″ Wheels (SKU: 90154) is the king of Heavy-Duty Foldable Utility Trailers. It only takes up 24″ x 63″ of floor space when folded, so it can be stored practically anywhere. But when this trailer is unfolded, it can handle heavy loads up to a whoppin’ 1195 pounds! Add plywood decking (not included) to make yourself a 48″ x 96″ flatbed. The bed even tilts all the way to the ground for easy loading. Without a doubt, this heavy-duty folding trailer is a jack-of-all trades.

utility foldable trailer

This foldable trailer only takes up 24" x 63" of floor space when folded (board not included)

With the Haul Master foldable trailer, you can haul tools, toys and practically anything else a standard trailer can haul without tying up all the storage space. (Just keep an eye on weight and load distribution.)

Other noteworthy specs are as follows:

  • 1-7/8″ ball hitch receiver for secure transportation when properly loaded and hitched to a capable vehicle (ball hitch and hitch coupler not included)
  • DOT-certified tail lights and side running lights
  • Safety wiring harness
  • 3-leaf spring suspension
  • 4.8″ wide, 12″ diameter tires
  • Axle thickness: 5mm
  • Overall dimensions: 110″ L x 61-1/2″ W x 19-1/4″ H

This Mini Tire Changer Practically Pays for Itself in Couple of Changes

Although most guys don’t like to admit it, it’s really embarrassing to find out you’re the last to discover the latest gadget or tool all your buddies are talking about. It’s even worse to learn they’ve already been using it for ages without you even knowing about it. That’s how I felt when I discovered Central Machinery’s Mini Tire Changer (SKU 34552). Sure, I’ve been aware of professional grade tire changers for years. You know, I’m talking about the kind used by practically every tire shop on the planet. But when I saw this mini-tire changer for the first time, my jaw just about hit the floor. I stood there looking at it with this puzzled “duh” feeling, wondering why I never thought about that idea myself. Inventing aside, I could have at least owned one by now!

mini tire changer

This mini tire changer is an absolute must-have for those who ride ATVs

So why all the bother over this thing? Well, anyone who owns a small vehicle, trailer, ATV or golf cart with rims up to 12″ could sure use one. While you might not have the space or need for a full-sized tire changer, a miniature version is bound to come in handy for all the little jobs that you wouldn’t want to bother taking to the tire shop. Sure, you could try to do it yourself with tire irons, but what a hassle! You not only waste time that way but also risk damaging your tire and marring the wheel’s finish.

Another great feature of the Central Machinery Mini-Tire Changer is its usefulness while traveling. It’s an absolute must-have for those of you who ride ATVs far away from the beaten path. A quick tire change with the Mini-Tire Changer can keep a day-long outing from being ruined over a blow-out. The same goes for those who boat fish. Nobody wants a boat stuck on the lake just because the boat trailer got a nail in one of its tires, right?

The Mini-Tire Changer isn’t just practical for travelers. It’s also ideal for servicing vehicles with wheels up to 12″ rims (like a lawnmower or golf cart). And at a ridiculously low $49.99, this mini-tire changer is an absolute steal. Heck, with some tire shops charging as much as $30 or more a pop to change a tire, this thing practically pays for itself in just a couple of changes.

Of course, Harbor Freight has you covered when you want to change regular-sized tires with the Semiautomatic Tire Changer with Air Operated Tilting Arm (SKU 90589).

Central Machinery Combo Disc and Belt Sander is a Great Value!

When choosing a disc and belt sander, be sure to take into account a few important factors. You’ll want to have the right amperage for the belt speed. Hand positioning is important, too. You should choose a sander that allows you to sand in a variety of positions to accommodate different material sizes and your own personal sanding style.

Disc and Belt Sander

This combination disc and belt sander (SKU 6852) is one of the best in its price range

My recommendation for a good, low-cost combination disc and belt sander is the Central Machinery 6” x 48” Belt and 9” Disc Combination Sander (SKU 6852). This combination disc and belt sander is one of the best in its price range, providing great value for the money. It uses a 1 HP 120 volt 12.8 amp motor to make sanding jobs easier. Its adjustable belt sander sands inside curves, outside curves and flat workpieces.

The disc sander is ideal for working with smaller workpieces. Its 2-position table tilts from 0 to 45 degrees and can be repositioned for disc or belt use. While the motor runs at 3450 RPM, the disc speed runs at 1720. The belt speed runs at 1280 RPM. The belt sander takes a 6″ W x 48″ L sanding belt while the disc sander takes a 9-inch diameter abrasive disc. The sander comes with both an 80-grit sanding belt and an 80-grit sanding disc. Replacement belts and discs are generally available online or at your local Harbor Freight store. (You can find other great stationary sanders at Harbor Freight too.)

This Central Machinery combo disc & belt sander offers a miter gauge, cast iron base, floor stand and easy tension adjustment. Make sure you clean it daily, as the sanding belt and disc could become dull if clogged with wood particles. A dull belt or disc rubs on your material instead of cutting it, leading to increased friction, higher temperatures and, potentially, a burned workpiece. Just get a soft brush, cloth or vacuum and remove all the debris. Apply some lightweight machine oil to all moving parts for improved lubrication. You can also get this great sanding belt cleaner at harbor freight.

It’s hard to beat the bargain Harbor Freight offers with this unit. With a 90-day warranty and low price tag, competing models are few and far between. For the money, this combination sander is a worthy addition to any handyman’s workshop.