Get 25% off any Single Item this Memorial Day at Harbor Freight!

Harbor Freight Memorial Day SaleThis Monday, take a break from your cookout or picnic and go to the Harbor Freight Tools site to get 25% off any one item on your order.* This is a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite pAdd an Imageower toolshand tools or lawn and garden tools.

Personally, I’m going to be buying this 18 Volt 1/2″ Cordless Impact Wrench (SKU # 67845) from Chicago Electric. Its 18 volt power will give me the muscle to tighten some of the lug nuts on my car after I change one of my tires this week.

I’m also interested in getting this auto-darkening welding helmet (SKU # 91214) that switches instantaneously from clear to dark right when you start welding. If you’re a welder I can’t think of a cooler product you can get for your money.

So come Monday, use code 98433618 to get 25% off any one item from the Harbor Freight website. You can also use this barcode below to get this great discount on quality tools! Just be sure to use it Monday only because that’s the only day it will work! 

Harbor Freight Memorial Day 2011 barcodeHARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS – LIMIT 1 Use this coupon to save 25% on any one single item purchased when you shop at Harbor Freight Tools (retail stores, online or 800 number). Cannot be used with any other discount or coupon. Coupon not valid on any of the following: prior purchases, gift cards, Inside Track Club membership, extended service plans, Compressors, Generators, Tool Cabinets, Welders, Floor Jacks, Campbell Hausfeld products, open box items, Parking Lot Sale items, Blowout Sale items, Day After Thanksgiving Sale items, or Tent Sale items.  Other items may be excluded from coupon use for online sales or phone orders.  For online sales, checkout cart will show if coupon has been applied to a product in the cart.  For phone orders, please ask order desk representative whether coupon applies.   Coupon cannot be bought, sold, or transferred. Original coupon must be presented in-store, with your phone order, or entered online in the shopping cart to receive the offer. Valid Only On 5/30/11. Limit one coupon per customer per day.

Motorcycle Wheel Chocks: The Unknown Stuntmen

Motorcycle wheel chocks are like unknown stuntmen; they play an essential role but hardly get any credit for what they do. While motorcycle chocks are often taken for granted, their absence is definitely noticed. Anyone who has ever tried to haul a bike around without using one can swear by this.

motorcycle wheel chock

A motorcycle chock can help secure a motorcycle during transit

So just what is a motorcycle chock and what do you do with it? Well, a motorcycle chock is a simple device used to help secure a motorcycle during transit, repairs or long-term storage. A motorcycle’s front wheel is usually rolled into the chock so that the sides of the chock help secure it in an upright position. It is typically used in conjunction with straps or tie downs (sold separately) and, depending on the type and use of bike, may need to be mounted onto a solid surface.

While the traditional motorcycle chock helps prevent a bike from moving sideways, it suffers from allowing the bike to roll backwards and out of the chock itself. This is especially true should the straps securing the bike become loose. Traditional chocks are also somewhat difficult to use by one person as they often require someone to assist in keeping the bike in place while the straps are being connected to the bike and mounting surfaces.

Fortunately, the guys at Haul Master (distributed exclusively by Harbor Freight) a modern chock design that minimizes these problems and more. While standard chocks consist of a simple one-piece metal bracket design, the Haul Master Motorcycle Wheel Chock (SKU 96349) takes advantage of an extra pivoting bracket connected to the standard chock component. This extra pivoting bracket is lowered down to allow the motorcycle to roll into the chock more easily. Once the bike is in position, the pivoting bracket is raised up to secure the bike in an upright position. While the non-pivoting bracket provides the usual support found in regular chocks, the pivoting portion helps keep the bike from rolling out the back. Although this design provides a fairly snug and secure fit, straps are still recommended for additional safety.

wheel chocks

The Haul Master Motorcycle Wheel Chock can accommodate a range of wheel sizes

The Haul Master Motorcycle Wheel Chock is one nifty little gadget. Like standard chocks, it can mount to many types of floors, truck beds or trailers. It has a 10-inch movable chock length, so whether you’re into dirt bikes, sport bikes or classic cruisers, the Haul Master Motorcycle Wheel Chock can accommodate a range of motorcycle wheel sizes (but be sure to check your particular wheel size in advance). What I like about this chock is its quality for the money. It isn’t very often you can find a carbon steel chock at such an affordable low price. Don’t let the low price fool you though. The Haul-Master Motorcycle Wheel Chock is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase.

I can honestly say the Haul Master is the best motorcycle wheel chock I have ever purchased. Whether you plan to use it for motorcycle storage, repairs or transit, this wheel chock is definitely the way to go. Harbor Freight has plenty of other great wheel and tire tools too, so check them out online or at your local store.

People Love Our Tool Carts!

Johnny Hunkins, editor of Popular Hot Rodding magazine, posted a great article on his blog about Harbor Freight’s tool carts. He recently visited our QA facility in Calabasas, CA and was impressed with the thoroughness of our tool testing. He says, “it dawned on me that Harbor Freight Tools were not only ‘adequate’, but even preferable.” Thanks, Johnny!

portable tool cart

This sturdy and super strong tool cart can hold up to 700 lbs!

He pointed out the US General 5-drawer portable tool cart (SKU #95272).  The US General tool cart was actually one of dozens of products he got to sample side-by-side with products that are generally much more expensive. This sturdy and super strong tool cart can hold up to 700 lbs. of tools, yet you can easily roll it to your work area so you’ll have everything you need within reach. It has steel construction and a powder-coated enamel finish that resists rust. All its drawers have ball-bearing rails for smooth opening.

Harbor Freight is in fact rolling out or revamping hundreds of their tools with the highest level of quality in mind for the most affordable price. It’s nice to see people take note of our quality tools and to hear from some of our fans.

Get Your Fire Started!

Whether you’re a camper, survivalist, or just someone who likes to be prepared for emergencies, a magnesium fire starter makes a worthy addition to your toolbox or camping bag. Fire-starting is one of the basic activities performed during camping and emergency situations, necessary for cooking, heating and lighting.

magnesium fire starter

a magnesium fire starter makes a worthy addition to your toolbox or camping bag

While modern day devices like electric-igniters and butane lighters are convenient, they are prone to failure. The trigger switches on electric fire-starters can break, butane lighters can easily crack and even waterproof matches can break. This is where a magnesium fire starter comes into play.

This waterproof fire starter serves as its own tinder and can produce a flame under damp conditions. The tinder lasts an incredibly long time. As a compact fire starter, it takes up practically no room at all, leaving plenty of space in your camping bag for other worthy essentials, like this 12 LED hand crank lantern.

In survival situations, you’ll want this simple, compact accessory with you at all times to get a fire going even in damp weather. The fire it generates is extremely hot  and will ignite even damp kindling. It comes complete with its own striker which creates sparks when struck against the firesteel.

When it comes to finding a portable and reliable method for starting fires, Harbor Freight has you covered. Our simple fire starter requires no electricity, no messy fuel refills, and no special waterproofing.

A magnesium fire starter is a must-have for all emergency preparedness kits, survival kits, and camping bags. If you’re the type who always needs a “plan b”, this will be a great tool for you!