A workbench is a must-have item—and often more than one is needed for your garage, shop or other work area. Harbor Freight has a great selection of workbenches, including these models:

48 In. Workbench with Light
This is a great workbench loaded with features, including heavy-duty steel construction with a durable enamel finish, full-width peg board for organizing tools, fluorescent cabinet light to illuminate your work area, integrated three-outlet grounded power strip, two sliding drawers plus upper and lower shelves. You could easily pay more than double for a similar workbench in the marketplace. The 48 In. Workbench with Light is 61-1/12” x 47-1/4” long x 23-3/4” wide.

The tools shown are sold separately. Pegboard hooks are also available separately from Harbor Freight.

60 in. 4 Drawer Hardwood Workbench
This professional hardwood workbench supports up to 250 lbs. It has a beautifully lacquer- finished 60 in. x 20 in. top and four felt-lined drawers to store tools. The bottom shelf is great for storing large objects. Additional features include a 7-inch capacity wood block vise, 4 anvil pegs and 4 wood pegs.

46 in. 9 Drawer Mobile Workbench with Solid Wood Top
This workbench is really a hybrid workbench/mobile tool cabinet. It provides up to 14,500 cubic inches of space and up to 1200 lbs. of storage capacity. The workbench also features full extension ball bearing drawer slides with secure drawer retention system, full width top drawer and deep bottom drawers, premium powder coated finish for durability, keyed locking system, heavy-duty 5-inch x 2-inch casters for easy portability even when fully loaded and a solid wood work surface for tackling countless projects.


For workbench accessories and more storage solutions, visit your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

Hercules 4-1/2 in. 7 Amp Small Angle Grinder

Legendary Performance!

For heavy-duty jobs like slag removal, grinding, cutting, paint stripping and more, this Hercules Grinder delivers pro-grade results. Though compact in size, the 7 amp grinder delivers incredible power, delivering 11,000 RPM.

The slim body design improves comfort and control while the rugged aluminum gear case provides maximum durability. Additional features include a spindle lock for fast, easy wheel changes and slide switch with lock-on for improved productivity.

The outside looks solid but what about the inner workings? Check out this independent video by Tool Teardowns where the Hercules grinder is dissected and you can see for yourself how quality goes to its core.

With over 85 customer reviews, the Hercules grinder has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars …

I bought this angle grinder to take down a metal basketball post (5″ x 1/4″). The Hercules grinder didn’t miss a beat, took about 5 minutes total and that was with the center of the pipe filled with concrete. Got warm, but not hot and did not bog down eating into the pipe with a 40 grit cutter. Great buy and value! – Cdub, Central Valley, CA

I had been trying to cut through brass with a hack saw and became frustrated at the lack of progress I was making. The angle grinder with a cut off wheel made short work of the task. – 2badnez, Lubbock, TX

I use my tools almost every day, so I find out real quick if it’s junk or a gem …. This angle grinder is an absolute gem!! I am very, very pleased with the degree of durability and quality this tool offers, and the price is friggin’ awesome. It runs and operates as well or better than my Bosch and DeWalt grinders, but cost me only a fraction of the price. I am a believer, and can’t wait to buy the other Hercules products you now offer for I hear they are just as good. Harbor Freight has definitely raised the bar. – A real trademan, Cincinnati, OH

Check out the Hercules 4-1/2 in. 7 Amp Small Angle Grinder at your local Harbor Freight Tools store as well as the entire Hercules line of power tools and accessories, guaranteed to deliver legendary performance!

Saw blades a cut above …

There are several considerations to make when purchasing a saw blade. First  and foremost is the kind of cutting you’ll be performing. In general, saw blades are designed to deliver the best results for a particular application, for example: ripping, cross-cutting, rough cutting, finishing, etc. Another key consideration is the type of material you’ll be cutting—wood, plyboard, non-ferrous metal, cement board, etc.

For the DIYer and professional alike, tooth count is also important. As a general rule of thumb, the more teeth or cutting tips (e.g. 60T = 60 teeth), the smoother the cut. A lower tooth count translates into more material removed but a rougher finish, like framing work.

Other considerations include size of the gullet (rounded space between tips cut into the blade plate), kerf width, tooth configuration and the tooth angle (a.k.a. hook angle).

Whether you’re building pictures frames for a hobby, a new deck for backyard entertainment or a new house for a client, you’ll want saw blades that stay sharp and consistently deliver high-end results.

Admiral is a line of professional-quality saw blades for those who don’t want to pay a premium but still demand performance that’s a cut above! Check out their current selection:


5-1/2 in. 30T Circular Saw Blade
This top quality circular saw blade features resharpenable long-lasting C3 carbide tips delivering four times the cutting life compared to standard circular saw blades. Additional features include an ultra-thin kerf with Nitro Shield™ non-stick coating and anti-kickback design.

Went to work on a new deck and this blade performed like a champ. Clean cuts and no bogging down. Can’t beat it at this price point. – Rusty-c, Skiatook, OK




7-1/4 in. 24T Framing Circular Saw Blade
The C3 carbide tips are impact resistant and won’t break, fracture or crack when hitting nails or other foreign objects while cutting through solid, natural wood. Designed for heavy-duty use, the blade features a carbon steel body, heat vents and expansion slots for smoother cuts, thin kerf with Nitro Shield non-stick coating and anti-kickback design.

Also available in a 3-pack!

One of the cheapest, but has been the best saw blade I have purchased. Needed to last for small porch job, but works so well, it has lasted thru several and remained just as sharp as when I first purchased it. – John, Lake City



7-1/4 in. 40T Finishing Circular Saw Blade
Featuring resharpenable construction-grade C3 carbide tips, this blade will last up to 50 times longer compared to standard carbon steel blades! With a hardened carbon steel body for resilient durability, this outstanding circular saw blade is ideal for any home garage or professional shop for a variety of projects! Additional features include a thin kerf with the non-stick Nitro Shield coating and anti-kickback design.

Cuts as well or better than any carbide tipped blade I’ve used at a much lower cost. Didn’t expect it to perform this well. – Chuter, Green Bay



7-1/4 in. 40T Fine Finishing Circular Saw Blade
The resharpenable construction-grade C3 carbide tips provide longevity up to 50 times longer than other brands of carbon steel blades. The blade features shock-resistant brazing and a hardened steel body for resilience and durability. It also has a thin kerf with the Nitro Shield non-stick coating.

Clean, fast cuts. Could not be happier. – Sonone4fun, Ventura



7-1/4 in. 60T Ultra Finish Circular Saw Blade
Ideal for finishing work, this saw blade features alternate top bevel C3 tungsten carbide tips which are ground to a razor-sharp edge. The heat-treated carbon steel body has a hand-plated surface to prevent pitch build-up. Ground hand-tensioned expansion slots provide cooler running with less binding. The blade also features a thin kerf with the non-stick Nitro Shield coating, shock-resistant brazing and anti-kickback design.

This blade produces a smooth finish, and the carbide teeth insure a long, sharp life. – PHR, Bloomington, MN



7-1/4 in. 48T Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade
Make quick cuts in light-gauge ferrous metal with this metal-cutting circular saw blade. The blade features resharpenable construction-grade C6 carbide tips, shock resistant brazing, thin kerf with Nitro Shield non-stick coating and anti-kickback design.

I used this blade to cut a metal roof and sides from an old house trailer. No problem… it made the job easy. – anton, Chanango Co., NY



7-1/4 in. 140T Plywood Circular Saw Blade
Cut plywood, paneling and veneer with this high tooth-count saw blade. It features a ground and polished carbon steel body and is rated for 8000 RPM. Designed for improved accuracy, this circular saw blade features steel teeth and a thin kerf with the Nitro Shield non-stick coating.

Sliced through 3/4 plywood with a smooth, clean cut. Only bought the one blade, but will be back for more. – B.Lade, Niagara Falls, NY



7-1/4 in. 4T PCD Fiber Cement Circular Saw Blade
Cut cement board, backer board and green board with ease using this polycrystalline diamond-tipped (PCD) saw blade. The hardened teeth can last up to 60 times longer compared to standard blades. The blade also features ground hand-tensioned expansion slots providing cooler running with less binding and thin kerf with the non-stick Nitro Shield coating.

I had a siding job using Hardie board siding. This blade cut smoothly with much less dust than the masonry blade I had been using … – risky, Burns, OR


10 in., 40T General Purpose Circular Saw Blade
The Nitro Shield™ non-stick coating helps this circular saw blade last up to four times longer compared to regular steel blades. A narrow kerf generates smooth, clean cuts with no burning or dragging. The circular saw blade features construction-grade C3 carbide tips and anti-kickback design.

Had a Diablo [saw blade] … big name blade with broken tooth … replaced with this one and wow, so much better. – the farm




10 in. 50T Combination Circular Saw Blade
This combination saw blade is designed for ripping and crosscutting lumber and plywood. Run it up to 7000 RPM to power through projects ranging from furniture building to remodeling. The blade features construction-grade C3 carbide resharpenable tips, thin kerf with Nitro Shield nonstick coating and anti-kickback design.

I used this the first day I purchased it. I got a nice smooth cut and have used it more than I ever thought I would and very pleased! – frostmarketing1, Spring Hill



10 in. 60T Finishing Circular Saw Blade
The alternate top bevel design is specially engineered for clean cutting and lasting performance. This industrial saw blade features a full kerf laser cut body with Nitro Shield non-stick coating, construction-grade C4 carbide tips and anti-vibration design.

I am going on 30 years of wood working and always trusted my work to name brand saw blades with fancy this and that. I tried this blade on an oak desk I am creating from the ground up and find it cuts as smooth as any fine toothed blade I have ever used. – Woodworker Dan, Boise, ID



10 in. 80T Fine Cut Circular Saw Blade
This alternate top bevel blade provides precision cutting and enduring performance! The saw blade features a full kerf laser cut body with Nitro Shield non-stick coating, construction-grade C4 carbide tips and anti-kickback design.

Same quality as the big box stores, sells for half the price they sell it for. Excellent quality and every bit as durable. Cuts great and true and clean. I will buy again and again. – Joe, Staunton, VA




12 in. 60T Fine Finish Circular Saw Blade
You’ll get smooth cutting action with this blade which features construction-grade C3 carbide tips, heat-treated high carbon steel body with a hand-plated surface to prevent pitch build-up, thin kerf with Nitro Shield non-stick coating, ground hand-tensioned expansion slots for cooler running with less binding and anti-kickback design.

It cuts smooth and it is very sharp. I used a DeWalt blade before, but it was not as good as this one. – Mangi, Jeff City, MO



12 in. 80T Finishing Circular Saw Blade
This high-quality blade is designed for keen cutting and consistent performance. The blade is heat-treated, surface ground and plated for toughness. The blade also features construction-grade C3 carbide tips, heat vents and expansion slots to prevent warping and anti-kickback design.

Works as good as blades costing three times as much. Good job HF!! – cottonwood, NW, KS



12 in. 96T Finishing Circular Saw Blade
The construction-grade C4 tungsten carbide tips stay sharp cut after cut! The blade also features a full kerf laser-cut body with the Nitro Shield non-stick coating and anti-vibration design. Expect nothing less than precision results and long life from this saw blade!

Everyone on the job laughed at me when I told ‘em how good it cut. Now every saw on the job has one on it and the trim is getting cut faster and looking better than ever. – TW, LA


For more detailed information, you can also check out the full line of Admiral saw blades here or visit your local Harbor Freight Tools store!

Multi-Tools, Multi-Attachments, Multi-Uses!

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Chicago Electric multi-tools are the Swiss Army knives of power tools. With over twenty different attachments available, you can tackle hundreds of home improvement, renovation and maintenance tasks, replacing numerous bulky power tools and saving time, money and space!

Here are the models available:

Oscillating Multi-Tool

This model delivers up to 21,000 OPM—perfect for remodeling and home repairs, car repairs, hobbies and more! The unique spindle and blade arbor design enables the user to lock the blade in seven forward positions for added versatility. Able to saw through wood up to 2 in. thick, the tool features sturdy die-cast aluminum housing and sealed bearings for long life.

Variable Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool

When you need more precise control during jobs, the variable speed function provides between 10,000–20,000 OPM. It also features die-cast aluminum gear housing and sealed bearings. The overmold grip provides added comfort for extended use. It’s ideal for cutting through cable, pipes, sanding down concrete and plaster—and sawing wood up to 2-1/4 in. thick!

12 Volt Cordless Variable Speed Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool

When plugging in is a problem or you need added mobility, go cordless with this multi-tool that uses a rechargeable 12V lithium-ion battery. The tool provides between 10,000–18,000 OPM, delivering precise control ranging from detail work to tough jobs. Cut, sand or scrape through metal, plastic, masonry, drywall and wood up to 2 in. deep.


With numerous attachments, you can do almost any job using just one multi-tool. Each attachment has a specific purpose and is designed for use with certain types of materials. Here are just some of the attachments from which to choose:

Multi-Tool Blade Set 3 Pc

This set of stainless steel blades includes one cutter blade with an aggressive-toothed edge that makes quick work cutting a variety of materials and two scraper blades—an angled one for getting into recessed areas and a flat one for exposed areas.


1-1/8 in. Bi-Metal Multi-Tool Reduced Shank Plunge Blade

The unique design of this plunge blade can be locked in seven different positions providing the best angle for your project. Aggressive teeth enables you to make high-speed cuts on aluminum, copper, brass, steel, wood, drywall and most plastics with ease. The reduced shank size makes easier curve cutting and clears wood chips faster for less burning and stalling.

3-1/2 in. High Speed Steel Multi-Tool Half-Moon Blade

The half-moon blade is designed with a universal arbor that fits the Harbor Freight multi-tool models as well as other brands. The blade works on wood, plasterboard, drywall, plastics, nails, thin metal, aluminum, brass and copper. It’s ideal for cutting baseboards, trim and door jambs.

4 in. High Carbon Steel Multi-Tool Serrated Knife Blade

This blade is specifically designed for slotting and cutting a variety of soft materials, including carpet, cardboard, leather, vinyl, linoleum, rubber, insolation, foam and plastic. It also features the universal arbor design for use on other brands in addition to Chicago Electric.

3-1/2 in. Diamond Grit Multi-Tool Half-Moon Blade For Masonry

Use this diamond-grit attachment to remove grout, cut plastics, wood putty, drywall, cement board, epoxy and glue joints, cut masonry and notch tiles. The half-moon shape also lends itself to corner work. The blade had a universal arbor that fits the Chicago Electric multi-tools and several other brands.

Multi-Tool Triangle Sanding Pad

The 3 in. long x 3-1/8 in. wide triangle sanding pad is ideal for finish detail work, corners and other tight spots. It features a ½ in. thick foam pad and utilizes triangular sanding sheets (sold separately) that attach via hook-and-loop. Triangular sheets are available in 60 grit, 120 grit, 240 grit and an assortment for painted surfaces.

Multi-Tool Finger Sanding Pad And Paper Set 6 Pc

This attachment is designed for hard-to-reach, narrow spaces like channels, grooves, openings and rabbets. You can lock the blade in seven different positions, depending on the job. It comes with course, medium and fine grade sandpaper, 60, 120 and 240-grit respectively. An additional 9 pc assortment of sheets (pictured above) is also available.


Once you start using a multi-tool, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one, like these customers:

The more I use this product, the more I like it. – do it yourselfer, Vallejo, CA

Don’t know how I’ve ever made it without this tool. – Pooh, MO

Best purchase I have ever made from Harbor Freight. This tool can be used in many applications and takes the place of many bulky tools. Would definitely recommend! – Bruce in NC, Goldsboro, NC

To check out the selection of Chicago Electric multi-tools and the complete line of multi-tool attachments, visit your local Harbor Freight Tools store!



Harbor Freight Drills Down on Drill Bits

All drill bits are not created equal—there are many different types of bits and a variety of materials used to make them. In some cases, the same drill bit can be used on different materials, but is it necessarily the best choice? It’s important to know a bit about bits to optimize the results of your respective task or project …


Twist Bits
These are some of the most common bits to find in the handyman’s toolbox. Used with either a hand or electric drill, the front edges cut the material and the spirals remove the debris along the length of the bit. However, there is a lot of variation with these bits. HSS (High Speed Steel) bits are generally characterized by their black color but more expensive and durable ones may contain cobalt or titanium coating (identified by the gold color). Titanium increases the hardness of the bit and facilitates a lubricating quality which is effective when drilling metals but has little impact on other materials.

Harbor Freight has several Twist Bit sets from which to choose, including the Titanium Drill Bit Set 29 Pc. These titanium drill bits run cooler, drill smoother and last up to three times longer than standard drill bits. The bits range in size from 1/16 in. to ½ in. in 64ths.

Harbor Freight also carries the 115 Pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set. These cobalt drill bits retain their hardness up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit making them ideal for drilling cast iron, heat-treated steel, stainless steel and other hard materials. With 135 degree tips, the cobalt drill bits not only last longer but also cut faster than standard high speed steel bits.


Brad Point Bits (a.k.a. wood or dowel bits)
These bits are best used on wood (some plastics) and are characterized by a small point at the tip of the bit. Spurs on either side cut clean, straight holes. They’re ideal for drilling holes for dowels, which is why they’re also called dowel bits. These drill bits are a staple for wood workers.

Harbor Freight offers the Brad Point Wood Drill Bit Set 7 Pc with 3/8 inch cutdown shanks. These outstanding bits resist skating and feature extra sharp flutes designed to smooth hole sides while ejecting chips faster to prevent overheating your drill. For projects utilizing either hard or soft woods, this set of brad point bits gets the job done quickly and accurately.


Auger Drill Bits
These bits are designed to cut large, deep and accurate flat-bottomed holes. The spiraling shaft comes to a fine, threaded point while the single spur cuts and defines the hole’s edge. The threaded center bites into the wood, pulling the bit into the timber. This pulling action makes it unsuitable for use in power drills.

Harbor Freight has several sets of auger drill bits available, starting with the Auger Bit Set 7 Pc. These 7-1/2 in. long auger bits make fast, clean holes in both soft and hard woods. The bits are made of heat-treated alloy steel that resists damage from nails. Other features include quick-change 3/8 in. dia. hex shanks and a ¼ in. bit with a ¼ in. hex shank.

Other Harbor Freight auger bits set include the 18 in. Ship Auger Bit Set 3 Pc and Stubby Auger Bit Set 6 Pc.


Wood Spade Bits (a.k.a. Paddle Bits, Flat Wood Bits)
The pointed tip centers the hole as the paddle-shaped blade bores large, wide holes. Sizes are clearly marked on the face of each bit. These larger bits require a fairly powerful drill and lend themselves to drilling fairly large flat-bottomed holes with a center point—works especially well when the head of a screw or bolt needs to be recessed in the lumber. The bits can cause a lot of splintering as they breakthrough the work piece but a sacrificial backing board will reduce this. These bits are not recommended for enlarging an existing hole.

Harbor Freight offers a variety of wood spade bit sets, including the Steel Spade Drill Bit Set 13 Pc. The extended spurs effortlessly cut crisp, clean holes in thick stock. Each bit is forged and heat-treated to withstand rigorous use. The ¼ inch quick-change shank works with drills and impact drivers.

Other Harbor Freight offerings include the Steel Spade Bit Set 6 Pc, Steel Large Diameter Spade Bit Set 4 Pc, and the Steel Stubby Spade Bit Set 3 Pc.


Masonry Bits
As the name implies, these drill bits are designed to be used on masonry material, including brick, block, stone, quarry tiles and concrete. The cutting tip is often made of tungsten carbide bonded to a spiral steel shaft. Generally, masonry bits are used in a hand drill but can also be used in a hand brace or hammer action power drill (though cheaper bits can shatter due to the action). Long masonry bits can be used for drilling through masonry walls.

Harbor Freight provides several masonry bit options, including the Masonry Drill Bit Set 5 Pc featuring M2 high-speed steel shanks and C2 carbide tips with 6% cobalt. The 8 in. SDS Masonry Bit Set 6 Pc features a superior hardening process and an enhanced flute design that helps the bits run cooler.


Tile and Glass Bits
The tips of these bits are designed to penetrate tile or glass, then enlarge the hole as the bit penetrates the material. The tips are usually made with tungsten carbide. The bits can be used in a hand drill but are best used with a variable speed power drill on a slow speed. Lubricants should be used to keep the tip cool when drilling.

Harbor Freight offers the Carbide Tip Glass and Tile Cutting Drill Bit Set 6 Pc featuring C-3 tungsten carbide tips and a steel shaft for drilling glass, ceramics, plastics and Formica tiles. The wide base angle provides precise, stable drilling.


Countersink Bits
Using a power or hand drill, these bits penetrate material and form a conical recess to accommodate the heads of countersunk screws. Countersink bits are generally designed for use on softer materials.

Harbor Freight carries the Carbon Steel Tapered Drill Bit and Countersink Set, 22 Pc. The bits are made from heat-treated steel and designed with a unique single-twist design to remove material more efficiently, resulting in cleaner holes. The set includes seven drills, seven countersinks, seven stop-collars and an individually organized wooden storage box for easy transport and organization.


Forstner Bits
These bits are used to form holes with flat bottoms, such as with kitchen cupboard hinges. It’s best to use a power drill with a drill stand for optimal accuracy.

Harbor Freight offers two Forstner bit sets, the 1/4 in. – 1 in. Forstner Drill Bit Set With 3/8 in. Shanks 7 Pc featuring high carbon steel construction and 3/8 in. reinforced shanks, and the 1/4 in. – 2-1/8 in. Forstner Drill Bit Set With 3/8 in. Shanks 16 Pc which includes more bits and a wood carrying case for storage.


That’s just the basics when it comes to drill bits. There are many other types of specialized drill bits as well, such as screwdriver bits, plug cutters and nut drivers.

For the full selection of drills bits and accessories, visit your local Harbor Freight Tools store or the Harbor Freight website.



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10 in., 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw


The powerful motor on this benchtop table saw delivers up to 4800 RPM for smooth cutting. Features include an extra-wide die cast aluminum table to support a large range of ripping applications, adjustable miter gauge (45° left and right) for accurate cross cutting, 3 inch rear dust chute for a cleaner working atmosphere and overload protection. A 10 inch, 36 tooth carbide tipped circular saw blade is also included.

This table saw has become a solid go-to power tool for customers:

I needed this for a laminate floor install. Didn’t want to pay much because I will use it rarely. Compared to other saws in this price range at big box stores, this seems to be a little better quality. Worked great ripping laminate flooring … – Stevek, MI

It cuts wood very smoothly. This item is as good as a Makita table saw I used a long time ago. – frequent HF shopper, Orange County, CA

This is a great portable saw that you can take with you and set up effortlessly on any job site, or home project. – Krebs, San Antonio

Used to cut planks during a DIY hard wood floor installation. No complaints, it worked perfectly for what I needed it for. And for the price, it just can’t be beat. Thanks Harbor Freight! – Airborne7, Harrisonburg, VA

You can pick up the 10 in., 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

Stand sold separately.

10 in., 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw

10 Amp Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw Kit

band saw 3band saw 2

The 10 Amp Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw Kit is ideal for cutting tubing, pipes, re-bar, wood, metal and plastic. The band saw cuts at no-load speeds between 0 to 420 FPM and only weighs 16 lbs. for easy handling and less fatigue.

Features include a needle-bearing-mounted spindle and three wheel-bearing blade guides for even, accurate cuts. The band saw also features a 5 in. x 5 in. deep cut capacity, superior ergonomic design and balance for accurate cuts, storage case and 14 TPI blade.

Customer reviews have been extremely favorable:

Great buy. I don’t see how they make a profit selling it soooo cheap … – Sal, Greensboro, NC

I have used this saw several times with no issues. Runs very smooth, cuts very clean. I bought the bi metal blades with it and made several cuts in steel with no problem. This is the tool I use now instead of the chop saw. Excellent product for the price. – Don, Kankakee, IL

Used this Saw to cut 1/4″ tubing and it cuts through it like butter. Use this saw a lot. I have used the Milwaukee Band Saw and this Band Saw cuts the same. – Mac, El Paso, TX

Great price … this unit operates just like my $320 that was stolen. – Land of promise chessies, Chesapeake, VA

The Harbor Freight 62800 band saw not only performed any task I gave it, but saved me money over the more expensive competitors saws … Saw was smooth cutting and had plenty of power to cut the 1/8 thick steel bars. I would indeed recommend this to anyone. – Nearpar, Port Huron, MI

I have cut 2″x2″ 3/16″ wall tubing, 1/4″ plate, clamped three pieces of 1/8″ plate together, and 1.25″ solid round bar. It cut through all of them like butter! Very easy to control while cutting. Feels solid. I did buy a 24 tpi blade for all of my metal cutting. My first time using a band saw and I have found it easy to operate. Speed controls have handled all of my needs. – MHWSA, Wichita Falls, TX

You can pick up the 10 Amp Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw Kit at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

10 Amp Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw Kit

10 in., 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw


The Chicago Electric 10 in., 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw features a powerful 15 amp motor that delivers up to 4800 RPM for smooth cutting, miter gauge for accurate cross cutting and extra-wide die cast aluminum table to support a large range of ripping applications.

Additional features include overload protection and a 3-inch rear dust shoot for a clean working area. A 10-inch 36 tooth carbide tipped circular saw blade in included.

Customers have made this power tool a staple in their garages and shops:

I can do so much more woodwork with this new 10 inch, 15 amp benchtop table saw. Works great and the price was even better. – Fireby13dragons, Des Moines, IA

I use this saw frequently for large projects and it exceeds my expectations. – Ron, Cave Creek, AZ

This is a great portable saw that you can take with you and set up effortlessly on any job site, or home project. – Krebs, San Antonio

Cuts just as good as my last saw that cost over $400 … – J, Rolling Meadows, IL

You can pick up the 10 in., 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

Stand sold separately.

10 in., 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw


10 In. Sliding Compound Miter Saw


The Chicago Electric 10 In. Sliding Compound Miter Saw makes clean cross, bevel and miter cuts. Features included a powerful 15 amp motor, 45-degree cutting blade, dual linear slide rails for smooth, stable and precise cuts, easy access brushes and clamp assembly with extension wings included.

Customers love this workhorse of a power tool:

I am a novice wood worker. I was tired of getting uneven cuts using hand saws and circular saws. This does everything I need and more. It has also motivated me to do more projects that I would never have attempted with hand saws. – Novice wood worker, Albuquerque, NM

This product is well worth the money. The sliding action is always the way to go especially when cutting wider boards. I’ve been searching for a miter saw for a while ‘til I walked into HF and found the right one for the right price. – Tejay the fix-it man, Riverton, WY

I am very pleased with the many functions and the ease of use. I recommend this for anyone who needs a good compound miter saw. –  Bill, Pennsylvania

Only had it for about two weeks and have cut approximately 150 2X4s and 75 1X4s and I haven’t had any issues. I would recommend it to any one and put it up against the name brands. – Aaron, Lincolnton, NC

Love the fact that it’s portable and the power is great. –  Joe, El Paso, TX

You can pick up the 10 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw at your local Harbor Freight Tools store! Please note the blade is sold separately.

10 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw

56 in., 11 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial Roller Cabinet


The US General Pro 56 in., 11 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial Roller Cabinet provides an ideal storage solution for your garage or shop. The cabinet features double-wall steel construction, 28,200 cubic inches of storage and can hold over 3,450 pounds of tools.

Additional features include six extra-wide drawers, five narrow drawers and a glossy red powder coat finish. Two locking and two fixed heavy duty 6 in. steel casters provide superior mobility.

Customer reviews reveal why this cabinet has become a favorite:

Have a smaller industrial/professional roller cabinet and had tools piled on top of each other. Checked out the US General cabinet at the store and was impressed, particularly with the self-securing drawers that can be accessed with one hand. The beefy construction
(500 lbs +) makes this durable, stable and a great value at this price point. Tons of storage and still easy to maneuver around the garage even fully loaded.
– Greg, Louisville, KY

I own 3 of these now. Really a good toolbox for the money. I have one in the garage for shop tools, one in the laundry room for household tools and one in my office for reloading supplies. – C. Collins, Minneapolis, MN

I have two 56″ boxes with end cabinets—been working professionally for years out of these, no issues at all. No way would I buy a Snap-on overpriced box again … – Rob, Yuba City

You can pick up the 56 in., 11 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial Roller Cabinet at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

Also, consider maximizing your storage space by adding the 56 In. Top Chest to go along with the cabinet.

56 in., 11 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial Roller Cabinet