Auto Darkening Helmet, World Kindness Day and the Chupacabra from Space!

Welding HelmetThe Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Blue Flame Design from Harbor Freight Tools is a must-have for any serious welding job.

The solar powered welding helmet gives you a full view of your welding area with an ample 3-7/8″ x 1-5/8″ viewing lens as well as complete UV/IR protection. Plus, the auto darkening lens on this solar powered helmet darkens in 1/25,000 of a second—as soon as you begin welding.

Other features include variable shade control adjusting from #9 to #13 with a resting shade of #14, high/low light sensitivity adjustment, grind mode which transforms the helmet into a grind shield without shade flickering, and a customizable fit made possible by a ratcheting headband and padded interior.

And in light of World Kindness Day, you can use the Auto Darkening Helmet to do something nice for someone special, like your sweet, adorable yet frail grandmother. Simply wait until she’s in the middle of her afternoon nap and then don the Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Blue Flame Design. Bust into her room and scream at the top of your lungs “I’M THE CHUPACABRA FROM SPACE! GIVE ME YOUR LIVESTOCK, PREFERABLY A GOAT, SO I MAY FEED!

Just think how delighted Grandma will be thanks to your creativity and caring! Just make sure her nitroglycerin pills are close by in case she’s overcome by your kindness…

4 Piece Stainless Steel Stock Pot Set

4 Piece Stainless Steel Stock Pot Set

If you love to cook, you’ll love the 4 Piece Stainless Steel Stock Pot Set from Harbor Freight Tools. If you hate to cook, you’ll also love the 4 Piece Stainless Steel Stock Pot Set from Harbor Freight Tools. Here’s why. Open up a cookbook and you’ll notice pages of complex ingredients, multiple steps, specialty equipment… these are called “recipes” and they can get complicated! You’d think you’d need a Ph.D. in culinary linguistics and the skills of a surgeon to prepare good food these days. But alas! A stock pot recipe looks more like this:

  1. Put stock pot over heat
  2. Add food to stock pot and cook ‘til done
  3. Take food out of stock pot and serve!

Okay, maybe that’s simplifying things a bit but stock pots really are the ideal kitchen accoutrement for cooking up a large quantities of food quickly and easily. Soups, stews, chili… oh lordy, just think of the chili you can make? And guess what, today is National Men Make Dinner Day – no joke! Come on guys, this is your chance… buy your girlfriend some flowers, invite her over and cook up a romantic batch of chili. She’ll want to do the dishes, but you don’t let her, because the stainless steel stock pots clean up so easily. She stares at you in awe as you’re actually enjoying doing the dishes! As the hot, sudsy water runs down your brawny arms, her stare becomes a smoldering tempest of seduction. The fire has been ignited and what happens next can’t be spoken of here.

The 4 Piece Stainless Steel Stock Pot Set from Harbor Freight Tools, a time saver, money saver and potentially a relationship stoker! Thank you Harbor Freight!

4 Piece Stainless Steel Stock Pot Set
Sku #: 94829

8 in. Never-Flat Generator Wheel Kit

Here’s what critics are saying about the 8 In. Never-Flat Generator Wheel Kit from Harbor Freight Tools…
8 In. Never-Flat Generator Wheel Kit

“I used to spend every night manually sucking people’s blood. But thanks to the 8 In. Never-Flat Generator Wheel Kit, my generator is now portable so I can pump people’s blood in a quarter of the time! No more neck strain or chipped canines, not to mention I have more time to spend on my real passion: Zumba.” – Dracula

“The pyramid I was entombed in flooded and after a few days, the limestone got moldy and started to smell like spoiled cottage cheese. Even though I’d been dead for 3000 years, the reek was enough to unravel me completely. The 8 In. Never-Flat Generator Wheel Kit from Harbor Freight Tools saved my bandaged butt! With portability, I was able to bring in my Predator generator, hook up my air grinder and cut a hole in the limestone to drain the stagnant water and let in a little fresh air!” — The Mummy

It would take weeks, sometimes months, for lightning to strike the lab in just the right place to provide enough power to animate the monster I pieced together using parts “found” in the cemetery. With the 8 In. Never-Flat Generator Wheel Kit from Harbor Freight Tools, now I can have power where I need it anytime! My lab could be in the breakfast nook, den or even my minivan! – Dr. Frankenstein

Eigh In. ‘ver-Flat Gentor Whee Kit Harba Fray Tools… GOOOOOOOOOOD! – Frankenstein’s monster

Featuring dual tubular steel handles, the 8 In. Never-Flat Generator Wheel Kit from Harbor Freight Tools enables you to make your generator portable! Smooth-rolling 8” dia. tires never go flat, providing quick and secure transport of your generator to your jobsite. Sturdy rubber feet provide stationary positioning once in place. The kit fits all Predator generators and is easy to install! And because it’s from Harbor Freight, you’re guaranteed monster savings!

8 in. Never-Flat Generator Wheel Kit
Sku#: 68531

Unique Item: Solar Mole Chaser

The greatest advancement in cosmetic skin care since Botox!

Forget painful laser treatments, agonizing acid peels, liquid nitrogen burns or electro-shocks.  Now you can rid yourself of unsightly moles harnessing the power of the sun! You’ll make more friends, date again and become an international model. Thank you, Solar Mole Chaser from Harbor Freight Tools! Wait a minute, sorry. Wrong Solar Mole Chaser.

Solar Mole Chaser

Let’s start again… Solar Mole Chaser – the greatest advancement in pest control since dynamite! Forget sadistic incineration, punishing poison, drowning or Machiavellian usurping. Now you can rid your garden or lawn of moles, gophers and other ground-dwelling rodents harnessing the power of the sun! The rodent repeller emits a sonic tone every 30 seconds that is abhorrent to rodents. Scientists working at an independent lab in Noank, Connecticut have discovered that the sound is equivalent to the human sound of Britneys Spears’ latest Las Vegas show. Most rodents flee out of sheer terror. Others succumb to spontaneous combustion.

A single Solar Mole Chaser covers 6,000 square feet. No electricity is needed! Thanks to its solar battery, the device remains charged so it continues working day and night. And just think, with a rodent-free garden you’ll make more friends, date again and become an international model.

Thank you, Solar Mole Chaser from Harbor Freight Tools!

Unique Items by Biff: Bunker Hill Security Surveillance DVR with 4 Cameras and Mobile Monitoring Capabilities

Bunker Hill Security Surveillance DVR with 4 Cameras and Mobile Monitoring Capabilities

Why sit around all day and night just waiting for crime to happen when you can play it back at your convenience! Thanks to the Surveillance DVR with 4 Cameras and Mobile Monitoring Capabilities from Harbor Freight Tools, identification of the perpetrator and subsequent apprehension, investigation, trial/plea bargain, conviction and incarceration doesn’t mean YOU having to stay on-site or losing sleep. Simply attach the 4 infrared cameras at entry points or other areas you want to monitor, program continuous, motion-activated, and/or scheduled recording, and that’s it. With a 500 GB hard drive, you can record over 2500 hours of footage. Then playback or transmit video! Plus, this security camera system allows control with a remote or mouse along with mobile monitoring from your phone or computer. That leaves more time for online cribbage or brewing your own kombucha! Of course, there are an endless number of other things you could do with that extra time saved, but we just mentioned two of the most popular.

Bunker Hill Security Surveillance DVR with 4 Cameras and Mobile Monitoring Capabilities
SKU #68332
$299.99 On Sale

Harbor Freight Tips for Your Halloween Fright Fest!

Looking for just the right spine-chilling touch to enhance your Halloween paranormal activities? Well turn off the iTombs and listen up. Harbor Freight Tools has a few suggestions:

Drill Master 80-piece Rotary Tool Kit

In the spirit of thinking outside the coffin…er…box… consider the Drill Master 80 Piece Rotary Tool Kit to carve yourself an epic jack-o-lantern! Imagine the works of art you could make out of squash-genus vegetables. Not just for pumpkins, though, this awesome tool is great for cutting, grinding, polishing, sharpening, engraving and drilling for all kinds of Halloween crafts and hobbies. Works on metal, wood, rock, plastic, wax… and your dog’s toenails– seriously!


Masterpiece, compliments of the Drill Master Rotary Tool Kit!


4 pc wood chisel set

On the other hand, if you’re more Old Skull… um… School… this 4-piece wood chisel set is an eeeeex-cellent alternative! If you love cutting into a fresh pumpkin, inhaling the rich tangy smell, and getting your hands sticky gooey whilst scooping out the guts, this would be your poison. The wood carving set cuts into the pumpkin like butter and you are able was able to control the cutting easily. This heat-treated, high carbon steel set has straight bevels and PVC handles for a comfortable grip, and come in 1″, 3/4″, 1/2″ and 1/4″ sizes.

pumpkin carving


hot knife

Plunge, slice and dismember foam and more, to make kooky spooky props with this crafter’s favorite–the hot knife! Harbor Freight’s 130 watt hot knife will make quick business out of cleanly cutting foam and plastic materials. It’s got a depth-adjusting sled for more control and a safety auto-off feature. Perfect for creating graveyards and carving faux pumpkins!


Click Here for a DIY Tombstone Project!

pumpkin king

Carve the Pumpkin King with the Harbor Freight Hot Knife!


While this would have been an excellent tool for burning witches back in the day, we’ve got a whole different (and perhaps a slightly more PC) idea for Halloween: “aging” wood props. If you’re planning on having a casket or two lying around the yard, an rotting cemetery fence or some other “old” wood display, this propane torch is great for getting the right look. Here’s a customer video on how it works:

mini led light cropped

Since you’ll be at Harbor Freight already, you can’t leave without grabbing a handful of the popular mini LED lights. These incredible values are perfect for the little monsters to carry while trick-or-treating, and for using to showcase tombstones, limbs, nooses and ghosties back at the castle! The mini light features a knurled barrel for quality grip and an easy push-button on/off switch to illuminate the dark passages. A convenient tool for any tomb or keep one in the hearse’s glove box.

Make Harbor Freight one of your favorite haunts this Halloween! If you don’t carve your pumpkin with a low-priced Harbor Freight tool, you’re out of your gourd!

Unique Items by Biff: Electric Chain Saw Sharpener

 Electric Chainsaw Sharpener


There’s nothing worse than a dull chain saw blade! Well, maybe war is worse. Then right after that, a dull chain saw blade. World hunger is pretty bad, too. Okay, so it’s war, world hunger and then a dull chain saw blade. Whoops, forgot about car accidents—those aren’t so great. Recap: war, world hunger, car accidents—and then a dull chain saw blade! Avian flu. Not great either. But slightly better than a broken microwave oven, which is still high up there on the list. And what about those price tags that you try to peel off new purchases, but the glue backing leaves a tacky residue mark and even when you run your fingernail across it, you can only get rid of a little bit of it? Just terrible. Let’s review: war, world hunger, car accidents, avian flu, broken microwave oven, price tags that leave a tacky residue mark on new purchases—and then a dull chain saw blade. Forgot some: every Pauly Shore movie ever made, fat-free ice cream, spider bites and the partial government shutdown. I just got a chill down my spine thinking about fat-free ice cream. Final list: fat-free ice cream, war, world hunger, car accidents, avian flu, broken microwave oven, price tags that leave a tacky residue mark on new purchases, every Pauly Shore movie ever made, spider bites, partial government shutdown and a dull chain saw blade. It just doesn’t get worse than that!

While we don’t claim to be miracle workers here at Harbor Freight Tools, we do have a miraculous item that can eliminate at least one of the worst things—the Electric Chain Saw Sharpener. Mounting to a bench, wall or vise, the Electric Chain Saw Sharpener generates up to 4200 RPMs of grinding speed to quickly and easily sharpen chain saw blades thus improving the life span and cutting power of your chain saw. The chain vise adjusts to all chain designs and pitches while the chain rotation rollers advance links to eliminate frustrating set-up time. A 4-1/4” x 1/8” grinding wheel with 7/8” arbor is included and replacement wheels are also available through Harbor Freight. It’s a must-have item! And be sure to keep an eye out for other must-have items coming down the pipeline, including spider bite salve, peace treaties (10-pack) and the revolutionary fat infuser.

Electric Chain Saw Sharpener
SKU #68221


Unique Items by Biff: Sharkmounto


Looking for a quality trailer hitch that really holds on to your load, but with a price that takes a bite out of the competition? Thanks to Harbor Freight’s techno-genetic laboratory located in a submersible silo 3 nautical miles off the coast of Guam, you can have the best of both worlds with a device that’s half Triple Ball Trailer Hitch Mount With Hook and half shark—it’s Sharkmounto from Harbor Freight Tools! Sharkmounto fits standard 2-inch receivers and features a cut-and-drilled square receiving tube with welded steel 1-7/8″, 2″ and 2-5/16″ trailer balls, respectively. The integrated hook has a pull capacity of 7500 lbs. and can be used to catch other sharks as well. A special powder coat finish combined with dermal denticals provides weather protection and hydrodynamic streamlining. Don’t be fooled by imitations like the Crocomounto or Baracudamounto… Sharkmounto is only available through Harbor Freight Tools! To find your closest Harbor Freight store, use our store locator at or follow the nearest chum trail of fish guts.You’re gonna need a bigger trailer…

Haul-Master Triple Ball Trailer Hitch Mount with Hook (sans shark)
SKU #60705

Unique Items by Biff: 56 Piece Toy Power Tools Set

Toy Power Tool Set

Most parents start their children young when it comes to learning languages, musical instruments and financial forecasting. They enroll them in classes, hire private tutors, etc. And that’s just fine… if we wanted a society of mamby-pamby brainiacs who collapse at the first sign of a hangnail! If you’re a Harbor Freight parent, or aunt or uncle or close family friend or… you get the point, then we’ve got something to give kids a real education with tools—the 56-Piece Toy Power Tools Set from Harbor Freight Tools! The jumbo toy kit comes with a wide assortment of safe, durable plastic tools that will provide hours of fun and imagination! This kit is awesome with its battery operated jackhammer that makes realistic construction sounds, play helmet, goggles, tool belt and much more! With this Power Tool Set, your child can role play as a construction worker by inviting over three friends for a play date to stand around doing nothing but watching while he or she does all the work—just like in the real world! That’s got to be better life preparation than learning Latin or playing the dulcimer or projecting GDP growth over the next decade…

Toy Power Tools Set 56 PCS
SKU#: 60476

Unique Items by Biff: 16 Oz. Can Crusher


16 Oz  Can Crusher

Super human powers – we all want them. If you had to pick one, which would it be? Flying? Incredible speed? Telepathically communicating with dolphins? One trait that ranks high on everyone’s list is super strength. Now super strength is in your grasp without being born from a remote planet light years away that has a stronger sun and more gravitational pull compared to Earth OR falling into a vat of nuclear waste. With the 16 oz. Can Crusher from Harbor Freight Tools, you can harness power beyond that of mere mortals. Simply place an aluminum can up to 16 oz. in size between the unyielding plates of compressive destiny, pull the cushion grip handle (even super heroes hate callouses) and reduce that villainous can into a whimpering mass of crushed metal, albeit soft metal. The Can Crusher also features a powder coat finish for added durability – great for use in parallel dimensions and volcano craters. There’s a hero in you and cans that need crushing. Your destiny awaits…

16 Oz. Can Crusher
Sku #: 46406