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Harbor Freight Tools

20V Hypermax™ Lithium 1/2 in. Compact Drill/Driver Kit

Superior Performance and Durability!

When you need more power from a drill/driver, you need Bauer! This high performance cordless power tool delivers up to 450 in. lbs. of maximum torque to drive fasteners into a wide variety of materials.

Features include all-metal gear construction for durability, keyless clutch for quick bit changes, textured overmold grip to provide comfort and reduce fatigue, bright LED light to illuminate your work area and a two-speed selector for matching speed and power to your respective application.

In addition to the ½ inch. 20V compact drill/driver, the kit includes two impact bits, rugged tool bag for storage and transport, and a 1.5AH lithium battery and charger which delivers more time on the tool! The battery is also compatible with all Bauer 20V cordless tools.

For frequent or daily use, check out the Bauer 20V Hypermax™ Lithium 1/2 in. Compact Drill/Driver Kit—as well as the full line of Bauer tools and accessories at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

The Hercules Power Drill and Drill Bit Set: Exceptional Performance for the Professional

Hercules Power Drill

Power Drills

Power drills are a great tool to have at your disposal. They can help save time and money, making your projects seem effortless and by providing the ease and convenience you need to tackle a variety of tasks. With all of the options on the market today, the decision can seem a bit overwhelming. But, when it comes to power drills, the Hercules Power Drill and Drill Bit Set can help you tackle nearly any job with efficiency.

The Hercules 20V Lithium Cordless 1/2 in. Compact Drill/Driver Kit (63381)

The Hercules Power Drill offers 550 in. lbs. of torque for top-level power and performance to help you speed through a variety of projects. A powerful 2-speed 4 pole motor delivers up to 2000 RPM for effortless drilling and fastening. The drill/driver also features a built-in LED light that illuminates dark work spaces and allows you to work longer into the evening. Combined with the Hercules® Lithium battery system for fast charging and longer run times, this tool provides exceptional performance.


  • 4-pole motor delivers maximum performance and durability in a compact size
  • 2-speed transmission covers a wide range of drilling and fastening applications
  • All metal gear construction for added durability
  • Bright LED light for illuminating dim work areas
  • Jacobs® 1/2 in. ratcheting chuck provides ultimate bit retention
  • Textured overmold for a secure and comfortable grip
  • For best performance, use Hercules® accessories

Hercules Titanium Drill Bit Set 21 PcHercules Titanium Drill Bit Set 21 Piece (63384)

For those of you who may already have a power drill and need drill bits, or simply need both, there is the Hercules Titanium Drill Bit Set.

This titanium drill bit set can last up to 4x longer than other drill bits and provides clean, straight holes every time with the StarterPoint™ 135° angle tips. Additionally, the variable helix flute design clears material faster for improved performance and the entire set comes packed in a rugged heavy duty case for quick and easy bit selection.


  • BlueBraid™ titanium coating improves performance, durability and stays sharper longer
  • StarterPoint™ 135° design limits walking for clean, fast holes
  • Variable helix flute geometry removes material faster
  • Tri-Flat™ shank prevents bit from slipping in chuck

The right power drill can help you accomplish a number of projects, at home or on the job. When you’re looking to buy a new power drill remember, the greater the torque the easier you can drill through dense material like hardwood and metal. You also want a drill to feel comfortable when using it for long periods, so consider how it may feel after you have been working with it for a few hours. Find the power tools you need available at great prices that will cut down your project time only at Harbor Freight.


Creekstone Submersible Fountain Pumps

Pure pumping power—nothing watered down here!

Whether it’s a small garden fountain, large pond or anything in between—you want a pump that’s efficient, reliable and powerful. Look no further than the Creekstone line of submersible pumps!

158 GPH Submersible Fountain Pump
Bring your fountain or water feature to life with this submersible pump generating up to 158 gallons per hour. Features include an inline flow control valve, easy-to-remove inlet screen for quick cleaning and a removable stand with suction cup feet for positioning.

Straight out of the box this pump is easy to use and works effortlessly. I use it with a 3ft fountain on my porch. – Scott, Wayland, LA


200 GPH Submersible Fountain Pump with Auto Shutoff
When you need a bit more muscle, this submersible pump generates up to 200 gallons per hour. In addition to an automatic low-water shutoff sensor to prevent motor burn-out, this pump also features an easy-access filter, inline flow control valve and two adapters—sprinkler and waterfall heads. This pump is not available in California.

Used this pump for a decorative fountain that pumps about 4 feet in vertical height. Perfect flow rate …  Swamped, SW Florida


264 GPH Submersible Pond Pump
This high-quality pump generates up to 264 gallons per hour and will add life and beauty to your pond. With the two included adapters, you can shoot a fountain of water skyward or create the look of a natural spring. Other features of this submersible pump include an inline flow control valve, removable filter for easy cleaning and removable stand with suction cup feet for placement.

The pumps perform as well if not better than originals, and it beats paying the ridiculous pricing that the big box stores want for essentially the same pump. – Tennessee, Cleveland, TN


620 GPH Submersible Pond Pump
For larger ponds or water features, this submersible pump generates up to 620 gallons per hour. The pump features an inline control valve, removable filter for cleaning, removable stand with suction cup feet and two adapters so you can shoot a fountain of water upward or create the look of a natural spring.

Bought to replace pump in small pond with fountain and waterfall. Old pump was 500 GPH and the filter on it was never right. Paid $99 for it. The new one from Harbor Freight is 620 GPH and works perfectly at almost one third the cost. – BEACH, Spotsylvania, VA


2500 GPH Submersible Waterfall Pump
Designed for continuous use, this high capacity pump generating up to 2500 gallons of water per hour supports a waterfall weir up 1-1/2 feet wide and five feet high. The energy efficient motor uses less power compared to standard water garden pumps. It provides 19 feet of total head lift and has an easy-to-remove filter for cleaning. There is no oil inside so it’s safe to use in ponds with fish.

I bought this as a replacement pump for my outdoor koi pond … This pump puts out the volume I need and is adaptable to various hose sizes. It appears easy to open to clean, no screws to remove. Good price, no complaints. – Jay, Springfield, MO


4500 GPH Submersible Waterfall Pump
This high-flow pump generates up to 4500 gallons per hour and supports a waterfall weir up to three feet wide and five feet high. The pump is designed for continuous use and features 23 feet total head lift. Additional features include an easy-to-remove filter for cleaning and no oil inside so it’s safe to use in ponds with fish.

Used this to replace a pump for a 2500 gallon Koi Pond. Didn’t want to spend the $350 to replace the original. This pump actually increased the waterfall pressure … CK, Ohio


In addition to the Creekstone line of submersible fountain pumps, Harbor Freight also carries sump pumps, sewage pumps, fuel transfer pumps, well pumps, compressor pumps and more! Check out all pumps and accessories at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.


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Harbor Freight Tool’s Top 5 Items to Help You Stay Cooler and More Comfortable This Fourth of July

Fourth of JulyIf you are like most people this Fourth of July you will probably be outdoors enjoying barbecues, fireworks, friends, and family. But, depending on where you live, the summer can be a time when it is extremely hot and unpleasant.

A majority of people try to stay indoors and out of the sun in order to avoid the heat. However, for those brave souls who work outside or enjoy being outdoors despite the temperature, Harbor Freight Tools has your back and wants to make your outdoor experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Take a look at our top five products that will help make your Fourth of July weekend cooler and more comfortable:

  1. 13 in. x 31-1/4 in. Cooling Towel (Item 62635)

This reusable PVA cooling towel is ideal for many outdoor activities, including construction work, sporting events, and many others. Absorbent and durable, this towel Cooling Towelcools you down when things heat up. Just dip the cooling towel in room temperature water and wring it out to stay cool for hours. For those incredibly hot days simply recharge the cooling towel with ice-cold water and drape it around your neck to help fight fatigue and decrease heat stress. Remember: This cooling towel is super absorbent and has multiple uses, which not only makes it great for cooling you off while you’re working outside or exercising, but it can also be used for drying and cleaning. So if someone spills a drink or makes a mess during your Fourth of July party simply grab your cooling towel and clean it up with ease.

  1. Foldable Aluminum Sports Chair (Item 62314)

Once you’re cooled off with your new super absorbent cooling towel, take a seat and relax with our foldable aluminum Foldable Aluminum Sportssports chair, perfect for almost any type of outdoor gathering. Lightweight and foldable, this sports chair has three sidepockets, a bottle holder, and a folding side table all conveniently located by the armrest making it the perfect chair for any outdoor event. Whether you’re spending the day at your kid’s soccer tournament or just relaxing at the beach, quickly store your water, cell phone, sunscreen or sunglasses for quick and easy access and storage.

  1. Propane Level Gauge (Item 66940)

If you are like most people, you hate going to the grill, hitting ignite and finding out your tank is out of propane. When you’re grilling up those hot dogs and hamburgers this Propane Level GaugeFourth of July make sure you have enough propane to last you the whole day with this propane level gauge, which clearly displays the level of your propane tank allowing you to easily see when it’s time for a refill. This propane level gauge works on grills with outputs of up to 80,000 BTU’s per hour. The propane level gauge allows for convenient viewing of the propane level and will also fit patio heaters and other appliances with type-1 connections. Never run out of propane again and stop guessing when your tank will be empty with the convenient and easy-to-use propane level gauge.

  1. Barbecue Brush (Item 38790)

Once you’re finished barbecuing, make sure to leave your barbecue nice and clean for the next use with this brass bristle barbecue brush. Barbacue BrushThis durable brush won’t scratch coated grates and is strong enough to prevent splintering, even under heavy use. Have stubborn, dried up food stuck on the grill? Not to worry, the barbecue brush also has a steel scraper, which allows you to easily remove those burnt, charred pieces of meat that can sometimes be difficult to scrape away. Whatever type of mess remains on your barbecue, this brush with brass bristles and scraper can quickly and easily remove any mess leaving your barbecue nice and clean for the next use.

  1. Electronic Fly Swatter (Item 61351)

No Fourth of July barbecue is complete without something to keep those pesky flies away from your mouthwatering meal. Keep your Fourth of July barbecue free of flies with the electric fly swatter that kills flies quickly and effortlessly. When one lands next to you, simply place the electronic fly swatter over the insect, touch the button, and it kills them instantly, even if you don’t touch the entire insect. You no longer need to take off your shoe or roll up a newspaper.

For more information about the products featured here simply visit the Harbor Freight Tools website or your local store to take advantage of our great product selection. Happy Fourth of July!

Turn Your Car into a Star!

Reupholster your door panel quickly and easily with a little help from Harbor Freight!









It doesn’t always take a lot of work to increase the value of your vehicle, improve its look and make it more enjoyable to drive! Here’s a simple project that will do just that and save you a ton of money compared to getting it done professionally—reupholstering your car door panels.

First, you’ll have to remove the door panel. A lot of do-it-yourselfers try to use tools they have like screwdrivers to pop the clips and that’s a mistake because you can end up doing more damage!

Harbor Freight has a great set of tools designed specifically for this project—the Upholstery and Trim Tool Set 5 Pc. And the price? Hey, it’s Harbor Freight!

The set contains everything you need to remove door panels and more from your vehicle. Made with heat-treated, polished stainless steel blades, the tool set features wide blades to reduce marring or damage to your vehicle during panel removal. With rubber handles and knurled grips for control and leverage, this upholstery tool set is ideal for the car enthusiast and auto body specialist alike—and perfect to use for this project!

Here are the other materials you’ll need:

Once the panel is off, remove the old skin, which may require cleaning off glue and/or staples as best you can using sandpaper and needle nose pliers respectively.


Trace your door panel onto the foam with the marker and cut it out with your scissors. Test fit it on your panel to make sure it lines up.


Lay your foam down on a flat area such as a workbench. Take the interior side of the door panel and lay it face down on the foam.

Spray the panel side of the foam with adhesive. Also spray the panel with adhesive. Let the two surfaces sit until the adhesive gets tacky. Once tacky, apply the foam to the panel and let dry.

After the foam has dried to the panel, cut out the openings.


Lay the vinyl or duck cotton down on the table face down. Note: take care not to get any adhesive on the material at this point.

Loosely trace around the panel leaving a 2–3 inch gap around the entire panel and cut out the material.

Apply adhesive to the back of the material and let it get tacky. Also apply adhesive to the foam on the panel and let it get tacky as well. Once both surfaces are tacky, apply the material to the panel. Pull the material taught and cut where needed to ensure a proper fit.

If you’re happy with the fit, slice your openings—always start small and increase your cuts.

Reapply any clips and/or weather-stripping to the panel.


Put the panel back on.

Reattach handle trim, window controls, etc.

Do a little victory dance and treat yourself to an ice-cold beverage for a job well done!


Note: you can get quite creative with the material you select. Your local fabric/upholstery store will have tons of options!

Check out Harbor Freight’s complete line of automotive tools including floor jacks, diagnostics equipment and much more at your local Harbor Freight Tools store!



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buildersforeternity blog

Father’s Day Gift Project

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, you may be struggling to find the right gift, one that says, “Dad, I love you and I’m sorry you had to spend your work bonuses on my orthodonture.” Or some message to that effect … Instead of shopping for the right gift though, you may want to consider making it with all those great tool skills Dad taught you.

Here’s a great Father’s Day gift that Dad is sure to love—and you’ll love making it—the Carpenter Themed Father’s Day Coat Rack!* Most of the tools and materials you’ll need are available through your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

Materials needed:

·        1 in. x 12 in. x 6 ft. piece of wood (red oak pictured)
·        Five claw hammers
·        Two angle squares
·        Five 1 1/2 inch long by 1/4 inch tap con screws
·        Seven wood or specialty screws (see pic below)
·        Eight #6 screws
·        Additional screws or fasteners depending on type of wall to which attached


Step 1

Using a measuring tape, set your table saw and cut the board into two pieces lengthwise—9 in. wide and 3 in. wide respectively.


Step 2

Bevel the edges using a router and 1/2 inch round over router bit.


Step 3

Measure in 3/8 in. on the top board and draw a line down the edge for the screws.


Steps 4 & 5

seven 1/8 in. holes and install the black specialty screws (or wood screws) to assemble the rack.


Step 6

Determine the right height and angle for the claw hammers.


Step 7

Mark and cut the hammer handle.


Steps 8 & 9

Pre-fit the hammer head to the board and make sure it’s the angle and height you desire then cut the other four hammer handles.


Step 10

Pre-drill the hammer heads with a 7/32 in. drill bit.


Step 11

Pre-drill the board with a 1/4 inch drill bit.


Step 12

Use 1-1/2 in. long by 1/4 in. tap con screws to assemble the hammer heads to the board.


Steps 13 & 14

Mark and drill four 3/16 in. holes in each angle square and attach to the board with #6 screws.


Step 15

a water-based coating to protect the finish.


Step 16

Mount the coat rack using appropriate fasteners based on the composition of the wall (wood, brick, drywall, etc.) and enjoy!


For more quality tools at ridiculously low prices or other great gift ideas for Dad, visit your local Harbor Freight Tools store—and discover the value over 40 million customers enjoy!



*Pictures and instructions provided by

Easy Lifter

1000 lb. Capacity Motorcycle Lift

When working on your motorcycle, you want a lift that’s both safe to use and easy to operate. Look no further than the 1000 Lb. Capacity Motorcycle Lift from Harbor Freight Tools. This motorcycle lift has a foot-operated pump that enables you to easily lift your vehicle hands free for servicing.

The lift is constructed of diamond-plate steel and features retractable casters for easy movement, 7-inch wide tire stop, 3-position tire vise to 6-1/8 inches and integrated leg-lock for safe operation. The lift reaches a maximum height of 29-1/2 inches with loads up to 1000 lbs.!

Here’s what current owners of the 1000 Lb. Capacity Motorcycle Lift are saying:

I use it to hold up a 1982 Laverda Jota while I restore it. So far it has been great, no worry of it slowly dropping because there is a safety bar that can be placed to keep it up. Overall I am very happy with this purchase … – Justin, Benton, AR

This is the best addition to my shop yet. Function plus price, you can’t beat it. Great to be able to stand and build bikes instead of squatting on a mechanics stool. – Bobber Mike, St. Augustine, FL

Bought this last week and my Harley Fatboy has been sitting on it for 8 days now for a complete tear down. The lift is extremely stable, lifted to its highest setting in about 15-20 pumps. No settling with pressure relaxed on the bar. Surface is powder-coated and seems durable with easy cleanup of spilled oil and fluids. – Pilot Scott, Salisbury, MD

To get your  1000 lb. Capacity Motorcycle Lift, visit your local Harbor Freight Tools store!

1000 lb. Capacity Motorcycle Lift

Top Ten Items to Help with Spring Cleaning from Harbor Freight Tools

Spring is just around the corner and while we love the warmer weather, we cringe a bit at all the spring cleaning that awaits us. But cleaning can actually be fun when Harbor Freight Tools is in your corner. Check out the Top Ten Items to Help with Spring Cleaning from Harbor Freight Tools.


5 gal. Wet Dry Vacuum Blower

5 gal. Wet/Dry Vacuum/Blower

Lightweight and portable, the powerful motor on this 5 gallon wet or dry shop vacuum cleans up even the most stubborn debris and fluid with ease. A float valve prevents overfilling. Additional features include a corrosion resistant tank, blower mode to swiftly dust areas and shop equipment as well as three extension wands, crevice tool, floor nozzle, filter bag and dust bag. It’s a great shop vacuum to have in the workshop, garage or home.



Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 12 Pk. in Action

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 12 Pk.

A great way to give your vehicle a top notch clean-and-shine but also ideal for using around the home or shop! The microfiber weave lifts and traps dust without scratching finishes. An added bonus is that these microfiber cloths can be machine washed and dried.



24 in. Heavy Duty Push Broom

24 in. Heavy Duty Push Broom

Clean up big jobs fast with this heavy duty push broom! The push broom features a strut-reinforced head, threaded aluminum ferrule and 53 in. wood handle for leverage and control. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.



8 In Portable Ventilator

8 In Portable Ventilator

This portable ventilator circulates and airs out rooms! Whether filled with fumes from painting or other finishes, the two-speed motor gets rid of dank air and strong smells quickly and easily. The ventilator features an aluminum blade and steel housing for long-lasting performance as well as an ergonomic handle for effortless carrying.



1650 PSI 1.25 GPM Electric Pressure Washer in Action 3

1650 PSI 1.25 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

This electric pressure washer utilizes up to 1650 PSI to power-clean walls, yard equipment and vehicles easily! Lightweight and portable, this pressure washer features a pressure hose over 13 ft. 8 in. long so you can reach tougher areas and 5 in. diameter wheels for easy transport.



7 mil Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves 50 Pc Large

7 mil Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves 50 Pc Large

Quality puncture-resistant gloves like these are must-haves to keep your hands intact when you’re wrist-deep in dirt, grease, grime, paint, solvents and the like. Powder-free and ideal for people with latex allergies, the 7mm gloves offer added protection while still providing dexterity. Also available in medium and extra-large sizes. Our customers swear by them!



3-In-1 Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher in Action

3-In-1 Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher

This efficient, electric leaf blower converts to a vacuum with the flip of a switch. First, you can blow the leaves into a pile, then switch to vacuum mode and turn that pile of leaves into mulch! Features include two speeds and a lightweight, balanced design.



6 in. 5.7 Amp Heavy Duty Dual Action Variable Speed Polisher in Action

6 in. 5.7 Amp Heavy Duty Dual Action Variable Speed Polisher

Get smooth, swirl-free finishes with this heavy duty polisher. The powerful 5.7 amp motor features 6 variable speed settings and a two-position side handle. Foam polishing pads are sold separately.



Two Tier Easy-Store Step Ladder

Two Tier Easy-Store Step Ladder

With a 225-lb. capacity, this two tier step ladder helps you get a step up on your next cleaning job! The ladder features an extra-large circular support frame, anti-skid feet, locking steps and an extra rail for added safety. The ladder also doubles as a chair, plus it’s collapsible for easy storage and transport.



20 Bin Medium Portable Parts Storage Case in Action

20 Bin Medium Portable Parts Storage Case

This storage case lays flat or stands upright and is designed to stack with our other portable parts storage cases. The case is made from heavy duty, unbreakable ABS and includes a built-in carrying handle for easy transportation. The storage case has removable bins and a transparent, quick-view top that locks down to keep contents in place.

Find the Harbor Freight Store nearest you or visit for more great cleaning supplies and a wide array of tools!


Predator Generators: How To Prep, Run and Maintain Them for Years of Service

generator with wheel kit - brand new

You just bought– or are about to buy– your first generator. Good move, it’ll be a valuable asset to you and your family, especially in times of emergency. But, even though it’s got a gas engine and a pull cord, a generator isn’t the same thing as a lawn mower or weed whacker. There are a number of steps involved in the prepping, running and maintaining of your generator that you should be aware of before you try to do anything with it. Here are a few tips to make sure you get a smooth, safe operation, and the power you need:

generator outdoors

  • CRUCIAL– If you take anything away from this post, it’s that you NEVER run your generator in a garage (even an open garage) and NEVER run it in the house. Keep it outside, at least 15 feet from the house, and way away from all windows. As valuable as your generator is to keeping things going, it’s also a carbon monoxide machine. But of course, when used properly, it’s invaluable.

generator manual

  • Before you do anything, read the generator’s manual, from cover to cover. The more you know about your portable gas generator, the more apt you are not to do anything wrong, and it will provide many years of low-maintenance emergency power.

grounding rod

  • Prior to setup, you’ll need to ground the generator. This is done by connecting a #6 AWG grounding wire from the Grounding Terminal to a grounding rod (above) which is at least 24 inches in the ground. The grounding rod must be an earth-driven copper or brass rod that can adequately ground the generator. The grounding wire and rod may not be included with the generator, so make sure you get those as well when you make your purchase.
  • A great feature that some gas generators have is an electric start, because they can make starts fast and effortless. If yours has an electric start, now’s the time to make sure the 12v battery is installed and connected.

generator oil fill

  • Next you need to add the fluids. A key to a generators long life– as with any engine– is oil. It’s also helpful to know that without oil, the generator won’t start. Check the manual and make sure you’re using the right oil type and changing it according to manufacturer’s specifications. SAE10W30 is often recommended for general-purpose, all-temperature use.

generator gas fill

  • Add fuel to within 1″ of the rim of the tank. Be careful never to overfill. Unless otherwise instructed, use regular Unleaded 87 Octane gasoline.

generator startup

  • Now you’re ready to start the generator. Note the slight difference in the above chart between the Manual Start and the Electric Start.
  • Let the gennie run briefly before you plug anything into it, and make sure when you do plug something in, that the appliance is off. Plug in appliances one at a time, and power each one up before you plug in the next one. You want to make sure you’ve got the power to accommodate them. Pay attention to the watts of each unit before you plug it in after the other; you want to always stay under the generator’s max. If the generator overloads, it could damage the appliances.
  • Now you’re ready to rock n’ roll!

Other tips to keep in mind…

  • Never connect your generator with a power cord into an electrical outlet in the house. This power will “back feed” into the utility lines running to your house, and in the event of a blackout, this could kill a utility crew member called to restore power to the neighborhood.
  • Only use  a proper power cord. The power provided by your gas generator is measured in watts. A power cord is measured in amps. If, for whatever reason, you need a replacement power cord, choose one that matches the most powerful outlet on your generator. The power cord would need to be heavy-duty, at least 12 gauge, and less than 100 feet.
  • Never refuel a running generator– or even one with a still-hot engine! The heat could ignite the gas. Shut it off and let it cool for at least 10 minutes. And only refuel in a well-ventilated area.
  • Change the oil during lengthy outages. Check your manual for the proper intervals. If your generator doesn’t have an hour meter (telling you how long it’s been running), keep a log so you don’t lose track.
  • Conserve your gas! If the neighborhood power went out, chances are local gas stations are also down. Only use whatever appliances you need to and, if possible, turn it off overnight. A refrigerator can handle no power for 3-4 hours.

When you’re done

  • When the power comes back, drain the gas from the generator. If you leave the gas in, it can ruin the carburetor.
  • Change the oil one last time.
  • Every month, feed the generator a 1/2 gallon of gas and run it for at least 30 minutes. This will prevent blockage in the carb.

Your portable gas generator will be ready for the next emergency, and will last for years!

When you’re ready to purchase your generator, but need help determining what size to get, here’s a GENERATOR BUYING GUIDE to help you out. And don’t make any decisions until you’ve had the chance to look at the award-winning Predator Generators at Harbor Freight Tools! Read the reviews and research the YouTube videos, and you’ll learn for yourself what a great value they really are.

Hyperbole aside, in the event of an emergency, having a portable gas generator can mean the difference between life and death for you and/or a member of your family.