Here Comes Honey Chip Chip

Now that fall is here and winter in the not-too-distant future, death is all around us: dead leaves, dead branches, and all other sorts of recently-deceased debris– a virtual backyard apocalypse. Make disposing the remains easy on yourself with a powerful chipper/shredder or leaf eater/shredder from Harbor Freight. Choose from these high-performance models:

Quickly reduce piles of leaves and small branches into useful mulch. Mulch is a standard form of winter protection for many shallow-rooted plant, acting as insulation for the soil and plant roots. This powerful 14 amp electric chipper-shredder can handle limbs up to 1-1/2″ in diameter and its rugged polypropylene hopper won’t rust or dent. Also, it maneuvers easily through the yard on smooth-rolling 6″ wheels.


This gas-powered dynamo is an essential tool for landscapers or anyone cleaning up their yard. The chipper-shredder handles limbs up to 1-1/4″ thick and features a four-chipper-blade design to quickly turn limbs, twigs and small branches into mulch, perfect for flower beds and vegetable gardens. Easy on gas, tough on branches, this little chipper eats brush like it’s nothing.


The Godzilla of the group! Easily decimate tree branches, leaves and vines with this wide-mouthed, 11 horsepower gas-powered chipper-shredder. The wood chipper chute handles branches and vines up to 2-7/8″ in diameter while the leaf-hopper shreds leaves and grass clippings up to 3/8″ in diameter. This dynamic chipper/compost shredder features a dual-blade design with both a chipper blade and impeller blade. Even though it’s a tree-thrashing brute, it moves and maneuvers easily on smooth-rolling pneumatic tires.


When life hands you thousands of dead leaves, make mulch! This efficient, economical, and ecological electric shredder makes it simple to get rid of leaves by breaking them down into serviceable mulch or compost for your yard and garden. No more laborious bagging of yard waste! Choose between fine, medium and coarse shredding levels.

Shop Harbor Freight for the right heavy-duty chipper and/or shredder for your needs. As always, you’ll find great performance at incredibly low prices!


The All-Purpose 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer

The summer’s almost over, but you wouldn’t know it, stepping outside. As the heat persists, so do bugs, thirsty gardens, weeds, dirt-splattered recreati0nal toys, dusty windows, etc.– all perfect reasons to keep a One Stop Gardens 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer in the garage.

As attested by Harbor Freight customers, the durable 4-gallon backpack sprayer works great in the garden, spraying water, fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, soil conditioner, kelp solutions and weed killer. Others use it for washing their boats, motorcycles and ATVs when hoses are not available. One customer said the backpack sprayer was perfect for carrying cleaner for washing their windows.

As deer hunters are fully aware,  the game have already started hitting the crops, preparing for the winter ahead.  Many hunters anticipate the season by creating food plots– cover crops planted for the express purpose of attracting and holding the deer (soybean and clover are both favorites)– which means they need to keep the area clear of weeds, grass and other noxious growth. The 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer is perfect for transporting and spreading the weed & grass killer to the area.

Needless to say, the list of uses for the backpack sprayer ends with the imagination. You can use it to spray down dusty campsites, balconies, high-sitting wasp nests, sandy kids at the beach, out-of-reach sheds, fence lines, and so much more! And, at such a low price, there’s no excuse not to get one!


Tools to Help Your Garden Grow

So you want to start a garden, eh? You’ve waited years for that moment where you have the space in your yard to do it. Or maybe you’ve just volunteered for a community garden but you haven’t a garden tool to your name? Well Harbor Freight Tools is here to help!

Gnomes to Help Your Garden Grow

The Harbor Freight Tools Garden Gnomes are here to help your garden grow (ok, not really, but you can buy them for only $7.99 and they make your garden super cute.)

Garden tools can be broken down into two basic categories: tools for working the soil / planting and tools for maintaining your plants.

Soil and Planting Tools:

Round Point ShovelRound-point shovel – this shovel is made for loosening and moving soil and digging planting holes



Garden ForkManure fork - the name is a bit daunting but historically speaking manure was fertilizer and something was needed to move this around. This tool is also useful for aerating your compost pile



Leaf RakeGarden rake – this is great fro breaking up smaller clumps of dirt and working soil amendment / fertilizer into the top of a garden bed



Garden Maintenance Tools:

Bypass PrunerBypass pruner - you need at least one good bypass pruner for routine plant maintenance such as deadheading roses, shaping shrubs, or cutting off that annoying branch growing in exactly the wrong spot. It’s nice to have to them in several sizes for larger or smaller jobs, but an 8-inch pruner should suffice most of the time


Garden SnipsSnips - these are necessary for reaching into tight spaces to snip off tiny twigs



LoppersLoppers - these are used for removing  branches



Rope Chain SawPruning saws - when branches are too big for loppers you’ll need a pruning saw to take them down



Garden SprayerGarden sprayer - the best way to disseminate plant food or pest control (organic of chemical)



Gardening GlovesGloves - of course! Don’t forget these. You’ll need to protect your hands from thorns and insects an other things that might be lurking in the soil



As you continue to work on your garden, you’ll get a feel for these tools and may find other nifty gadgets that will help you out. But for now you’ve got a good starter kit to get you going and all at the ridiculously low prices that you can only find at Harbor Freight Tools.

Get Out Your Boats for Memorial Day!

Summer’s on its way—and there’s no better time to get out on the water than Memorial Day weekend! And if you’re wondering how you’re going to get that12-14’ boat, kayak or canoe over there, check out the sturdy, reliable, and best-selling Haul-Master 600-lb-capacity boat trailer at Harbor Freight.

This lightweight steel trailer can be moved and maneuvered single-handedly, making it easy to mount, get on the road or store away. It comes equipped with carpeted bunks and rollers and is suitable for flat and v-shaped hulls, and its light frame enables it to be pulled safely by a variety of family vehicles.

The Haul-Master boat trailer also comes with a quality light kit that connects to your vehicle’s taillights, enabling it to travel safely day or night.

At $399.99 the Haul-Master 600-lb-capacity boat trailer is a great deal that’ll give you years of service and enjoyment!

Boat Trailer

Transport a craft weighing up to 600 lbs with this boat trailer!

Why Our Propane Torch is a Hot Item

propane torch

With this propane torch weeds, ice, tree stumps and more are burned away in a hurry

Our customers are fired up about this small propane torch (SKU: 91033) from Harbor Freight which makes melting ice, burning leaves and softening paint easy and safe!  Other propane torches sell for up to three times more than what you’ll pay for this one at Harbor Freight.  And you still get the same high quality you’ve come to expect!

With this tool you can propane torch weeds, melt ice, thaw metal pipes and more. Burn away weeds in a hurry with temperatures over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.  The torch attaches to a standard 20 lb. propane tank and features a turbo blast trigger for maximum flame.

Some Propane Torch Tips:

  • Never store or use propane indoors
  • Use a long-handled lighter to ignite
  • Always utilize eye protection and leather gloves when operating the torch
  • Always have a fire extinguisher nearby when using propane torches

Whether you’re in the market for a propane weed torch, a torch for removing paint from non-flammable surfaces or a general purpose propane torch for many other applications. Get this Propane Torch while it’s hot!

Get Yourself a Fly Swatter with a Shocking Twist!

Buzzing, pesky insects — flies in particular — tend to make camping and other outdoor activities a little less enjoyable. Now, outdoors enthusiasts have one more weapon in their pest-fighting arsenals: the electric fly swatter (SKU 40122). This battery-powered camping fly swatter is conveniently-sized and highly portable, making it an easy way to get the most pleasure from all your outdoor adventures. This fly swatter is also great for home use.

electric fly swatter

This battery-powered camping fly swatter is conveniently-sized and highly portable

Its sporty shape makes the electric tennis racket fly swatter infinitely more appealing than the floppy, low-quality version your mother kept hanging on a nail on the back porch. Its attractive lightning bolt design, easy-grip handle and small power switch make the fly swatter electric discreet and simple to use. Weighing in at under a pound and measuring less than two feet long, this is a great camping fly swatter.

At this exceptionally low price, you’ll want at least one electric fly swatter for your home as well.  Those who frequently entertain outdoors will truly appreciate the gift of pest-free parties and backyard barbecues as well their guests. The electric fly swatter works on mosquitoes and other stinging or biting insects in addition to flies, leaving hosts and visitors with pleasant memories instead of bug bite-covered limbs.

This electric tennis racket fly swatter makes the great outdoors seem even greater. From the satisfying zap of that first swat, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this camping fly swatter. At home or out in the wilderness, the electric fly swatter is an awesome outdoor tool. Also be sure to check these other great outdoor tools at Harbor Freight.

Save 28% Off This All Purpose Weather Resistant Tarp

tarpThis week, we’re highlighting the 19 ft. x 29 ft. 4″ All Purpose Weather Resistant Tarp.

Made of industrial grade polyethylene, this 19 ft. x 29 ft. 4″ all purpose weather resistant tarp provides extra tough washable protection for camping, covering and other applications. The tight weave and lamination, double-strong rope reinforced hems and rust resistant grommets will stand up to all kinds of weather and even freezing temperatures.

  • Rot and tear-resistant
  • Rust-resistant grommets
  • Waterproof

So use code 33420331 when you check out with this tarp in your online cart or just click on the coupon below. You will get 28% off this item* from the Harbor Freight website! This offer lasts through August 22, 2011.

*Online quantity limit: 1. For other limitations, please see coupon below.

tarp coupon

Get Your Fire Started!

Whether you’re a camper, survivalist, or just someone who likes to be prepared for emergencies, a magnesium fire starter makes a worthy addition to your toolbox or camping bag. Fire-starting is one of the basic activities performed during camping and emergency situations, necessary for cooking, heating and lighting.

magnesium fire starter

a magnesium fire starter makes a worthy addition to your toolbox or camping bag

While modern day devices like electric-igniters and butane lighters are convenient, they are prone to failure. The trigger switches on electric fire-starters can break, butane lighters can easily crack and even waterproof matches can break. This is where a magnesium fire starter comes into play.

This waterproof fire starter serves as its own tinder and can produce a flame under damp conditions. The tinder lasts an incredibly long time. As a compact fire starter, it takes up practically no room at all, leaving plenty of space in your camping bag for other worthy essentials, like this 12 LED hand crank lantern.

In survival situations, you’ll want this simple, compact accessory with you at all times to get a fire going even in damp weather. The fire it generates is extremely hot  and will ignite even damp kindling. It comes complete with its own striker which creates sparks when struck against the firesteel.

When it comes to finding a portable and reliable method for starting fires, Harbor Freight has you covered. Our simple fire starter requires no electricity, no messy fuel refills, and no special waterproofing.

A magnesium fire starter is a must-have for all emergency preparedness kits, survival kits, and camping bags. If you’re the type who always needs a “plan b”, this will be a great tool for you!

Advantages of Owning a High Quality Trailer Dolly

In terms of convenience and affordability, the Haul-Master 37510 heavy duty trailer dolly for lightweight trailers is a must-have. As simple as it looks, this trailer dolly can help you move small trailers with incredible ease. By purchasing this lightweight trailer dolly, you’ll have an easier time maneuvering a lightweight trailer into a tight space – all without throwing out your back! Whether you are the proud owner of an ATV, a boat, a snowmobile or other heavy equipment, having the right tools and accessories on hand is an absolute must. At Harbor Freight, we know first-hand about the huge difference that the right tools can make.

heavy duty trailer dolly

the Haul-Master 37510 heavy duty trailer dolly is a must-have

Selecting the right lightweight trailer dolly is important. It pays to take your time to pinpoint the one that will suit your needs. First, make sure that the dolly that you buy is capable of accommodating the size of your trailer; the Haul-Master 37510 has a 600-pound load capacity. Second, make sure that the dolly provides the right leverage; the extra-long handle on this model excels in this regard. Durability is also important, and the tough tubular construction of the Haul-Master 37510 is designed to stand the test of time.

There is no point in buying a dolly for a boat trailer, ATV trailer or a snowmobile trailer if it isn’t going to make your life easier. At the same time, you shouldn’t have to break the bank to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality dolly. The beautiful thing about the Haul-Master 37510 is that it combines incredible cost-effectiveness with unbeatable, high-quality features. One look at its pneumatic, knobby trailer dolly wheels will convince you that this trailer dolly is more than up to the job; its cushioned grip and ball hitch is another touch that you’re sure to appreciate.

Owning a boat, snowmobile, ATV or other equipment is supposed to be fun. That fun can come to a grinding halt when you dread having to maneuver your equipment into tight spaces, or when you throw out your back trying to position it correctly. This lightweight trailer dolly helps solve all of those aggravations in one fell swoop. Once you’ve put the Haul-Master 37510 to work for a while, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Instead of dreading the thought of moving small trailers, you will be ready for the job each and every time.

lightweight trailer dolly

Once you've put the Haul-Master 37510 to work, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it

Of course, Harbor Freight doesn’t just supply one of the best lightweight trailer dollies around; we also stock plenty of other must-have accessories that enhance the experience of owning an ATV, boat or snowmobile. A heavy-duty trucker’s chain makes short work of securing your equipment; wheel chocks combine convenience and utility. Or you can make life easier with a spare tire carrier. From tag-a-long trailers to fold-up utility trailers, Harbor Freight has everything that you could possibly need.

As you can see, owning the right trailer dolly can make life a whole lot easier. If you’re looking for a dolly that can accommodate a total weight of 600 pounds or less, the Haul-Master 37510 is sure to fit the bill nicely. A quick look at its price will blow you away, too. Considering all of the use that you’ll get out of this dolly, it is one of the best investments that you could make.