700 lb. Capacity Bigfoot Hand Truck

700 lb. Capacity Bigfoot Hand Truck

This rugged 700 lb. Capacity Bigfoot Hand Truck from Harbor Freight Tools features extra-large 13-inch tires for a smooth ride across all surfaces. Additional features include long axle braces enabling easy stair climbing, p-shaped handle, heavy gauge toe plate with rounded corners and a beveled front. Heavy duty ball bearing hubs make this sturdy hand truck suitable for lawn and garden applications as well as moving big items in the factory, shop or warehouse.

Check out what customers are saying about this sturdy hand truck:

Bought it to move a washing machine into my basement. The welded fenders make it as wide as an appliance dolly and the tires are large enough to handle the steps. Just put a ratchet strap around it and you’re good to go. – Sprek, Rockford, IL

We are doing temporary off-site storage of our stuff until our new house is built and this is the perfect tool so my back does not kill me from all the lifting we have to do over the next 8 months while this is going on. It is heavy duty, nice and wide for boxes, the balloon tires make it easy to roll and go up and down steps and into storage containers. – Bonnie, Oregon

I bought this just over a year ago for our rural property … The pneumatic tires make this hand truck a star on rough ground. It will roll over nearly anything with the load undisturbed. It will also haul anything that I can get on it from rocks to sections of a power pole to appliances … – Raven Dave, outside Eugene, OR

You pick up the 700 lb. Capacity Bigfoot Hand Truck at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

700 lb. Capacity Bigfoot Hand Truck

Moving Marvel

hardwood dollyThe 18 In x 12 In. 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly makes moving quick and easy! This compact moving dolly saves your back when transporting heavy boxes, furniture or other big items up to 1000 pounds! The moving dolly features carpeting touch points to protect surfaces, non-marring hard rubber swivel casters and a heavy duty hardwood frame for durability.

Check out what customers are saying:

Moved 800 lb. safe alone effortlessly at 56 yrs old. –  oldman, Nathalie, VA

Think … half your garage or workshop is filled with temporary or permanent storage boxes, and all your shelves! Stack storage boxes full of items six levels high then ROLL them in and out to gain easy access to the items in rows across and down your shop. At sale prices for this item, ease of access is cheap. Useful in commercial warehouse in same manner. – Fast Eddie, Concord, CA

You can move a lot with this little dolly. I used this one to move bags of concrete to the location needed instead of carrying by hand. – Dean, bought and used in Arvada, CO

Great dolly, helped move several pieces of heavy furniture with ease. – Lew, Live Oak, TX

You can pick up the 18 In x 12 In. 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

18 In x 12 In. 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly

Great for Moving and More!

72 in. x 80 in. Moving BlanketThis large 72 in. x 80 in. Moving Blanket from Harbor Freight Tools is thick enough to protect finishes from scratching and big enough to completely wrap most furniture. Whether you’re moving, placing items in storage or protecting furniture during construction, this double stitched moving blanket has you covered.

Customers swear by this moving blanket:

Got three of these moving blankets on sale and have already found quite a few uses for them! They seem to be fairly durable, are great for protecting/padding items and keeping your car safe from dirt/grime/etc., and are great for working under the truck/car. Beats cardboard big time! – Rich1976, Colorado

These blankets are perfect to place between furniture to keep items from being scratched during a move. They have a proper thickness. – Wahoo, Metairie, LA

This blanket is very useful, I keep an extra one in the back of my van just in case. It is great to use on the lawn or at the beach. – Old Man in Wheelchair, Altamont, NY

From the reviews, you can see that this double-stitched blanket is great for a variety of applications, from picnicking to impromptu vehicle repairs.

Pick up one 72 in. x 80 in. Moving Blanket or several at your local Harbor Freight Tools store!

72 in. x 80 in. Moving Blanket

Haul Heavy Loads Without Marring Surfaces!

400 lb. Capacity 1 in. x 15 ft. Ratcheting Tie Downs 4 Pc

The 400 lb. Capacity 1 in. x 15 ft. Ratcheting Tie Downs adjust easily to secure loads to truck beds, roof racks and trailers—and with vinyl covered S hooks, they prevent painted surfaces from getting marred. Plus, These ratcheting tie-downs have an easy quick-release that unlocks only when the ratchet handle is open.

Customers love the quality, ease of use and variety of applications:


These are the best tie downs. I have used these for so many things over the years … Cannot say enough about them. Everybody should own a set of these. – Frank, Bellville, OH

These are great! Just what I needed. The right length for many uses and easy to use. – Netx1, Phoenix, AZ

I use these straps to secure my Quads on a trailer and always carry extra ones in my truck. For the price, ya just can’t go wrong and having them has saved my rear several times. – Rompinreed, Prescott Valley, AZ

These straps will work well and show up nice and bright, and are easy to use. I keep an extra set in my truck at all times as well as a pair on my four wheeler. – Kenhunts, Oshberg, WI

I needed strap clamps to glue up some centerpiece boxes I am making for my daughter’s wedding. These did the job without having to spend a bundle on special woodworking clamps. I already had the corner pieces that come with the special woodworking clamps so these strap clamps worked like a charm. The special corner pieces keep the corners tight and keep the straps away from the wood and glue. Very satisfied. – Otisco Jim, Syracuse, NY

Pick up a set … or two … or more at your local Harbor Freight Tools store!

400 lb. Capacity 1 in. x 15 ft. Ratcheting Tie Downs 4 Pc

Best in Tow


1195 lb. Capacity 48 in. x 96 in. Heavy Duty Folding Trailer62648_zzz_500

You want a trailer that can haul a bunch of gear but without taking up a footprint big enough to build a house on! Harbor Freight has the solution with the 1195 lb. Capacity 48 in. x 96 in. Heavy Duty Folding Trailer. While plywood decking can be added to create a 48 in. x 96 in. bed, the trailer only takes up 24 in. x 63 in. of floor space when folded.

The trailer features built-in slots for stake siding on the frame, three leaf spring suspension and two 4.8 x 12 in. diameter tires. Customer love this folding utility trailer:

I’ve been wanting to buy a trailer for a long time. I didn’t want to have to create a dedicated area of my yard to store a trailer and have it constantly exposed to the elements. This trailer solves this problem! It folds into a relatively small footprint that easily fits inside a garage or storage building. It’s very lightweight, so you can haul it with a passenger car or light truck … – meansjj, Plano, TX

This is the best bang for your buck on the trailer marketplace … – Erick, Auburn, MI

The trailer is being utilized for my jon boat. Makes it easy to put in water and is just the right length for the boat … – Mr. T, Winter Haven, FL

You can pick up the 1195 lb. Capacity 48 in. x 96 in. Heavy Duty Folding Trailer at your local Harbor Freight store. The only way it trails the competition is on price!

1195 lb. Capacity 48 in. x 96 in. Heavy Duty Folding Trailer

Moving Up!

30 In x 19 In 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly

Move furniture, equipment, cartons and more with the 30 In x 19 In 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly from Harbor Freight Tools!

This all-purpose moving dolly is a versatile material handling tool for any home, shop or professional garage! The dolly is made of heavy-duty hardwood with a carpeted surface that prevents slippage while protecting finishes and surfaces. The moving dolly allows you to maneuver and position items up to 1,000 lbs. easily on smooth-rolling, 2-3/4” hard rubber swivel casters.

Customers love this moving dolly:

I was looking for a dolly that I could use to haul a Cal king mattress. This fits the bill perfectly. Will also use it for moving other objects like a bookcase and recliner chair. The dolly rolls easy and it steers without difficulty. – Steve L., Gardnerville, NV

Built well. Very affordable and does exactly what I need it to do. – Bob, Los Angeles, CA

The dollies are very useful for moving my woodworking machines around my shop as I have a small area to work. They are a great help. Just what I needed. – Fred, Biddeford, ME

Get rolling to your local Harbor Freight Tools store to pick up your 30 In x 19 In 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly. In fact, pick up a few—our biggest complaint about this item is that once customers started using one, they had to make a return trip to buy more!

30 In x 19 In 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly

Moving Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

hardwood dolly

Moving can be a real hassle, but with the 18 In x 12 In. 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly from Harbor Freight, it can be a breeze! This compact moving dolly saves your back when transporting heavy boxes, furniture or other big items up to 1000 pounds! The moving dolly features carpeted touch points to protect surfaces, non-marring hard rubber swivel casters and a heavy-duty hardwood frame for durability.

Here’s what customers are saying:

I use this product all over my house. Moving large potted plants, heavy items in the garage and even furniture. I love this thing. Very well built and you cannot beat the price. Thomas F., Escondido, CA

Used this to move an oil tank in the house I am remodeling. Next, I put my generator on it, rolls easily around. Does a good job! – Pete, Saxton, PA

We had to move a piece of exercise equipment from inside our home to the garage. Normally, it would’ve taken at least 4 people to lift this equipment and move it, but with the two dollies, it was so easy to move it around, throughout the house and into the garage. –  Retired, North Las Vegas, NY

You can pick up the 18 In x 12 In. 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly at your local Harbor Freight Tools store. Your back will thank you …

18 In x 12 In. 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly


You might think of Harbor Freight as the place to shop for vocational school but you may not be aware that Harbor Freight is a great place to shop for general back-to-school items as well. Below are five must-have items available at all Harbor Freight stores nationwide! And with Harbor Freight’s ridiculously low prices, you’ll feel a lot better before your son or daughter heads off to the University of Drastically Expensive & Burdensome Tuition, a.k.a. U of DEBT.

For moving into the dorm room, you just can’t beat the 18 In x 12-1/4 In 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly. It’s lightweight but can carry heavy load after heavy load.

18 In x 12.25 In 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly

18 In x 12-1/4 In 1000 lb. Capacity Hardwood Dolly
Item #61899


Things break… book shelves, chair backs, desk handles, you name it! The quick fix is right at your fingertips with the 130 Pc Tool Set with Case from Harbor Freight. From screwdrivers and pliers to a hammer and tape measure, this tool set contains 130 of the most commonly used tools and accessories. With this tool set, you can fix practically everything but a broken heart.
130 Pc Tool Set with Case

130 Pc Tool Set with Case
Item #68998



After studying hard, you’ll need a road trip to blow off some steam and refresh your knowledge-wary brain. It’s never hard to find friends to join you. The last thing you need is to get stuck somewhere with a dead battery. That’s where the 3-in-1 Jump Starter and Power Supply comes in. With this device, you can jump start a weak or dead battery, run/charge 12VDC auto, RV, marine or other portable appliances that draw up to 10 amps or illuminate an area with the built-in worklight.

3-in-1 Jump Starter and Power Supply

3-in-1 Jump Starter and Power Supply
Item #38391


A good combination lock is mandatory equipment to secure class or gym lockers, bikes, storage chests and more. Harbor Freight offers this tried and true classic featuring a solid steel alloy shackle and chrome-plated finish.

Combination Padlock

Combination Padlock
Item #92769


“Laptops and tablets and cell phones, oh my!” said the electrical outlet. But you don’t need a wizard to solve the power problem—you just need the 4 Outlet Power Strip from Harbor Freight Tools! Features include a heavy duty 24 in. power cord, lighted on/off switch with integrated 15 amp circuit breaker, slotted housing for wall or bench mounting and four three-prong grounded outlets.

4 Outlet Power Strip

4 Outlet Power Strip
Item #91334


To check out more useful back-to-school items, visit your local Harbor Freight Tools store!


Three-eighths In. x 100 ft. Diamond Braid Rope

This past weekend, I borrowed a friend’s pickup truck to move some furniture, including a mattress. Before loading up the truck, I had a sudden flashback to the past thirty years of driving, recalling countless delays on the freeway because some coocoolabanza didn’t know how to tie down a load properly and the spilled cargo was left on the road to become a traffic hazard. Then I thought how many times had I lost an item or twelve because I was the coocoolabanza who didn’t know how to tie down the cargo properly! Now was the time to end coocoolabanzaitis once and for all. I did a bit of research and came across this great video showing how to tie down cargo using a simple knot. It comes from Jeff Roberts at dirtyshirt.info. Click on the video to check it out!

FireShot Screen Capture #218 - '▶ www_dirtyshirt_info_ Cargo Tie Down Procedure Using A Simple Knot - YouTube' - www_youtube_com_watch_v=-z01gbtBxeE

Of course, the best knot in the world has a fat chance of working without rope—and that’s where Harbor Freight comes in—check out their large selection of rope! And be sure to select rope that has an adequate working load depending on your cargo.

Harbor Freight also carries ratcheting tie downs for securing loads to truck beds, roof racks and trailers. For all your moving and hauling needs, be sure to visit one of Harbor Freight’s 550 stores nationwide!

Harbor Freight Moving Blankets Have You Covered

Moving is tough.  And not just because you’ve got to change your address, forward your mail, find new local restaurants and get your internet hooked back up.  You’ve also got to get your furniture safely moved without damaging or scratching any of it. Some may consider this a nearly impossible task, but at Harbor Freight, we’ve got you covered.

When securing furniture (or anything you’re transporting for that matter) mover’s blankets are crucial.  And at Harbor Freight Tools, we’ve got a few different types to choose from which can be useful for a variety of jobs and tasks.  But if you’re looking to cover a large area (or large item), then you’ll want to grab the economy sized 72” x 80” Moving Blanket (Item #: 66537).


First of all, while these blankets are often called mover’s blankets or furniture pads, the usefulness of these items extends far beyond just moving furniture.  Obviously, the main use for mover’s blankets is protecting your furniture or other items when using ratchet straps, tie downs or winch straps.  The pads keep your cargo from being broken or scratched during transport and they also give you some peace of mind when you’re driving that U-Haul and trying to make it through traffic with no rear-view mirror.  Plus, unlike paper pads, mover’s blankets won’t tear during transport and can be used again and again.

“This product went on sale just when I needed to insulate “Fidos” house, keeping him warm. He has to be called to come out of there now! These blankets also work wonders for tent camping flooring, or extra protection in case you vehicle is stalled along the road in winter. Can also be used to get a grip on icy spots from spinning, in place of sand, to get going again. Very durable, with multiple uses. Folds up and packs away nicely in trunk. I have at least 6 or more ready always. No complaints.” – by Daddycat from Memphis, TN

“I spent my college summers working for a local mover and learned about all the tools of the trade. My wife and I recently bought a new dining room table including two leafs. The table leafs didn’t come with any protective covering when not in use. I recalled my moving days and the nice thick pads we used to protect customer’s furniture. Harbor Freight had exactly what I needed. Upon arrival I was not disappointed. Worked perfectly.” – by TotallySatisfied from Pittsburgh, PA

Even if you aren’t in the process of moving, these mover’s blankets still have a multitude of uses around the home and garage that will make them well worth the money.  These big blankets are made of a cotton/poly blend with reinforced stitching to maintain strength and longevity for repeated use, which make them ideal for lying comfortably on the garage floor or driveway when working under your vehicle.  Even if you only use these blankets just as regular old blankets for spreading out and having a picnic in the park or laying out in the sun, they still hold up to repeated use and wear and tear!  So whether you’re moving, about to move or have no intentions of moving anytime soon, these blankets are still versatile items to keep handy!