700 lb. Capacity Bigfoot Hand Truck

700 lb. Capacity Bigfoot Hand Truck

This rugged 700 lb. Capacity Bigfoot Hand Truck from Harbor Freight Tools features extra-large 13-inch tires for a smooth ride across all surfaces. Additional features include long axle braces enabling easy stair climbing, p-shaped handle, heavy gauge toe plate with rounded corners and a beveled front. Heavy duty ball bearing hubs make this sturdy hand truck suitable for lawn and garden applications as well as moving big items in the factory, shop or warehouse.

Check out what customers are saying about this sturdy hand truck:

Bought it to move a washing machine into my basement. The welded fenders make it as wide as an appliance dolly and the tires are large enough to handle the steps. Just put a ratchet strap around it and you’re good to go. – Sprek, Rockford, IL

We are doing temporary off-site storage of our stuff until our new house is built and this is the perfect tool so my back does not kill me from all the lifting we have to do over the next 8 months while this is going on. It is heavy duty, nice and wide for boxes, the balloon tires make it easy to roll and go up and down steps and into storage containers. – Bonnie, Oregon

I bought this just over a year ago for our rural property … The pneumatic tires make this hand truck a star on rough ground. It will roll over nearly anything with the load undisturbed. It will also haul anything that I can get on it from rocks to sections of a power pole to appliances … – Raven Dave, outside Eugene, OR

You pick up the 700 lb. Capacity Bigfoot Hand Truck at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

700 lb. Capacity Bigfoot Hand Truck

72 in. 18 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial Roller Cabinet

72 in. 18 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial Roller Cabinet

The industrial 72 in. 18 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial Roller Cabinet from Harbor Freight Tools has over 34,300 cu. in. of tool storage space and can hold up to 4602 lbs. of tools, equipment and accessories. The cabinet also features a heavy duty powder coat finish, all steel construction and two separate drawer locks with one spare key each. Non-slip rubber mats in the drawers keep your tools organized while a spring-loaded latch keeps doors shut even when maneuvering the tool cabinet on its rugged 6 in. casters.

Customers often express how this cabinet compares to name brand cabinets but is a much greater value:

I have compared to my brother’s Snap-On that he payed $10,000 for. There is no reason to pay that much for a box. The drawer liners are a good quality. – Strokedimpala, Dutchess, NY

I love it. The size and quality for the price are great … I could buy something similar off one of the tool trucks but it would cost at least 5 times as much and nowhere near 5 times the quality. I can buy a lot of tools for what I saved on a tool box. Don’t hesitate. This is a great box for the money. –  Andrew Johnson, Norfolk, NE

Have owned most major brands of tool chests from store brands to commercial truck brands. This 3 bay 72″ PRO series tool chest will stand up to any box out there in construction and the materials used to make it. You look under the box and see massive steel structure for the nice casters to mount to with real bolts more than big enough. The welds look really good and all the riveting is tight. They did not cut corners when constructing this box and it is worth twice what you pay for it … ker, Atlanta, GA

Hands down is just as nice as a $7,000 Snap-On or similar toolbox. – Greg, Chantilly, VA

Pick up the 72 in. 18 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial Roller Cabinet at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

72 in. 18 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial Roller Cabinet

10 in., 13 Amp Benchtop Table Saw

10 in., 13 Amp Benchtop Table Saw

The 10 in., 13 Amp Benchtop Table Saw from Harbor Freight Tools features an extra-wide die cast aluminum table to support a large range of ripping applications, powerful 12 amp motor that delivers up to 5000 RPM for smooth cutting and an adjustable miter gauge for accurate cross cutting and overload protection. The table saw also features a 3 in. rear dust chute for a cleaner working atmosphere.

Check out these customer reviews:

I use the product in house projects. It is very easy to operate and at a very competitive price. – Miguel Angel, Miami, FL

I bought this saw because I didn’t want to pay a lot for one and so far it seems to be just as good as the top brand saws on the market. It cuts smooth and I’ve ripped down 1×4’s to use as window jams and it is very accurate as every board is smack dab against the window with no cracks. Very straight cut … Lowoncash95, Pageland, SC

I have a woodworking shop and this 10″ table saw is a great addition. The safety features and the sawdust port makes this a must-have for my shop. – woodworkingforfun, Hazel Green, WI

You can pick up the 10 in., 13 Amp Benchtop Table Saw at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

10 in., 13 Amp Benchtop Table Saw

(stand sold separately)

4 in. x 36 in. Belt/6 in. Disc Sander

combo sanderThis combination sander is a great addition to any garage or shop. The adjustable belt sands inside and outside curves with ease and accuracy, creating smooth finishes. Other features including a powerful ¾ HP motor, reinforced steel motor housing, cast aluminum table that tilts up to 60° for use with belt or disc and a miter gauge for sanding angles on workpieces.

Check out customer reviews about the 4 in. x 36 in. Belt/6 in. Disc Sander:

Hands down the best deal for a tool like this …. Bill, Florida

When building Adirondack chairs I had to round off the edges and angle cuts. Worked very well and a lot easier than a handheld belt sander. Easy to assemble and even easier to use. – Rod the rookie carpenter, Texas

Comparing the size, price and features, this product cannot be beat … – wolves69, Parkersburg, WV

This unit is well built, performs just like a much higher priced machine. I am very satisfide with this purchase. For a do-it-your-selfer this is a machine you could only hope to find at this sale price, but Harbor Freight did it. Thank you! – Donnie the bee, Englewood, FL

Pick up the 4 in. x 36 in. Belt/6 in. Disc Sander at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

4 in. x 36 in. Belt/6 in. Disc Sander

Solar Panel Kit

45 Watt Solar Panel Kit 10 Pc KitNow you can get free power with the 45 Watt Solar Panel Kit 10 Pc Kit from Harbor Freight Tools. Easy to install, the solar panel kit comes with three 15 watt solar panels, voltage regulator, mounting hardware and the basic connections needed to generate clean, efficient solar power.

Here’s what customers are saying about the solar panel kit:

I’m using this in my 500 sq ft cabin I’m building. It runs the 2 lights that came with it and 2 large fans to keep me cool in this 100 plus heat we’re having. With 1 fan it was charging as fast as I was using. With 2 it will run for 6 days without a problem. I am using 2 car batteries in parallel and it charges both great. I would recommend this product to anyone. – Spavinawmark, Yale, OK

This is the third solar panel kit I have purchased from Harbor Freight over the years. Each one was used to keep my batteries powered up in an RV. They have all performed very well. The latest has a modification to the frame which is sturdy and more convenient. The control box has also been updated with computer type connection. One of the kits was attached directly to the top of my RV which worked exceptionally well. No regrets. – Sam, St. George, UT

I bought this kit to use in my truck camper. I’m using two HF deep cycle batteries and the HF 400 watt inverter. I’m able to run a laptop, a fan, light and recharge phone and camera batteries. Both batteries will charge back to full in one sunny day. – Chris, NH

I think for the money this is one of the best I have found. I bought the 10×12 greenhouse and I am going to hook up a hydroponic system. The solar panels will run the pump and fans. I bought a few car batteries and can’t wait till I run the system. – Garden Guru, Orlando

Pick up the 45 Watt Solar Panel Kit 10 Pc Kit at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

45 Watt Solar Panel Kit 10 Pc Kit


Your New Favorite Workbench

60 in. 4 Drawer Hardwood WorkbenchEvery shop, garage or craft room needs a good workbench—and the 60 in. 4 Drawer Hardwood Workbench from Harbor Freight Tools is a beauty!

This hardwood workbench features a 60 in. x 20 in. top and four felt-lined drawers. A precision-machined wood block vise and pre-drilled dog holes give you multiple options to secure projects. Plus, the tabletop is finished with a protective, clear lacquer finish.
With over 800 reviews, the workbench has earned an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars:

Easy to assemble. Well designed and manufactured with good materials. Sturdy and incredibly affordable. It’s a great deal. – Steve, St. Johnsbury, VT

I am a professional high-end cabinet maker. I ordered this unit for my home shop and it arrived intact, all the parts were there, simple to assemble and the workmanship of the unit is way beyond what I paid. It is solid construction and with the built-in vise, one of the nicest layouts I have seen. Bravo to Harbor for another great piece of equipment. – Rich the carpenter, Long Island, NY

For the price it is hard to beat this bench. It was easy to assemble and exceeded my expectations for quality. Love the little extra of the felt lined drawers. I liked it so much, I bought two. – Rick, Huntersville, NC

You can pick up the 60 in. 4 Drawer Hardwood Workbench at your local Harbor Freight Tools store!

60 in. 4 Drawer Hardwood Workbench

Get Great Security Without Getting Ripped Off on Price!

4 Channel Wireless Surveillance System with 2 Camerasimage_26407

Monitor entrances, exits and other key areas with the 4 Channel Wireless Surveillance System with 2 Cameras from Harbor Freight Tools. This excellent system features 2 weather resistant day/night vision color cameras with built-in microphones and speakers (additional cameras can be purchased separately), a remote flatscreen monitor which can view up to four cameras and easy setup—no video cable required!

Three recording options provide motion-activated, manual activation or scheduled programmable surveillance. It can record video using an optional 32 GB SD (not included).

The set up is easy—no video cable required—and the performance excellent:

Great value for the money. Easy to set up and does the same thing that security systems do that cost much more. I would recommend this product! – LSC, Amherst, VA

Installed on my parents’ house and they feel much more secure. it was easy to install and works great. – rickys repairs, McMinnville, OR

I’m using the system to monitor my wife who is incapacitated with dementia. It allows me to keep her in view regardless of where she is or where I am.
Motion detect, sound monitoring,night vision and record capability are perfect for this application. An extremely helpful, well made wireless system.
– Man who needed help, NYC

This product is a great deal. Easy to set up and use. In about an hour I had everything hooked up and running surveillance on my property. All of my neighbors have been robbed so I think this product is a good deterrent. – RG, High Desert

See for yourself why the 4 Channel Wireless Surveillance System with 2 Cameras provides great performance at a great price—and without sacrificing performance. Pick up your system at your local Harbor Freight Tools store.

4 Channel Wireless Surveillance System with 2 Cameras

Top Drawer Quality

26 in., 16 Drawer Glossy Red Roller Cabinet ComboIf you need quality storage for your garage or shop, look no further than the US General 26 in., 16 Drawer Glossy Red Roller Cabinet Combo from Harbor Freight Tools!

Standing at five feet tall, this sturdy professional-grade storage cabinet provides 14,600 cubic inches of storage with a maximum working load up to 1060 lbs. The top chest features 8 drawers and gas struts on the lid for quick and easy access. The bottom cabinet features 8 lockable deep and wide drawers with large bottom drawers for storing more sizable and heavier objects.

Additional features include heavy-duty ball bearing slides on all of the drawers, 2 locking swivel and 2 fixed 5-inch steel casters for superior mobility, 2 steel handles with rubber grips, 2 keys and 16 fitted drawer liners.

We dare you to compare this cabinet to those name brands on the market because we’re confident you’ll discover that the US General cabinet provides superior quality at a fraction of the price.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what customers are saying:

I have owned boxes that cost 10 times what this box cost and they didn’t work as well.
Highly recommend.
–  crash, Rockford, MI

Solid sturdy construction. Load capacity excellent. Drawers work smoothly and are EZ to remove if required. The 2 swiveled wheels have locks that work very well on my slanted drive way with a very full box. The price I got it for was great. This box is very comparable to other major brand units but has a higher capacity rating than most. Comes with drawer liners. – Bip, San Jose, CA

I bought this roller cabinet to combine three different smaller toolboxes. There was plenty of room to put all of my tools together and plenty of drawers to put all of one type of tool in each drawer (e.g. wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, etc.) I like that the top section of drawers are locked when the top lip is closed. I was impressed with the quality of this cabinet for the price I paid. – Leo, Vancouver, WA

Visit your local Harbor Freight store and discover the quality and incredible value of the 26 in., 16 Drawer Glossy Red Roller Cabinet Combo!

26 in., 16 Drawer Glossy Red Roller Cabinet Combo

Heavy Load, Easy Lift

3 ton Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Rapid Pump®

Lift a ton—actually up to three tons—quickly and easily with the 3 ton Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Rapid Pump®  from Harbor Freight Tools. This steel jack features a 5 in. to 18-1/4 in. variable lifting range to elevate your car, motorcycle or supply load in only 3-1/2 pumps! The protective foam bumper prevents damage while lifting or lowering.

With a knurled aluminum handle for a steady grip and solid, welded steel construction, this rapid pump floor jack is built for comfort and heavy use. Other features include: extra wide casters for stability and universal joint release for precision control in any handle position.

Check out what customers are saying about this heavy-duty jack:

Stable, solid and fast raising and lowering of any auto or truck. Great jack. – tgoat, TN

Great asset on the farm, great product and great price. – Ken, Sebago, MN

I used the jack to assist in changing out my upper ball joints and hub bearings. The unit works well and is easy to control. No leakage with this pump. – Dan, SE, WI

Very nice lightweight floor jack-makes loading it in my trunk with my tools a convenience. I really like having the rapid pump aspect. Good quality. Less than 1/2 the price as similar ones found in tool catalogs. Great investment. – Jerry, Placerville, CA

Give a lift to your automotive tool arsenal with the 3 ton Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Rapid Pump®, available at your local Harbor Freight Tools store!

3 ton Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Rapid Pump®

Remodeling Made Easy

10 in. 2.5 HP Tile Brick SawRemodeling has never been easier with the 10 in. 2.5 HP Tile/Brick Saw from Harbor Freight Tools! Cut tile or brick for remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, driveway, patio and more!

The two-position cutting head enables you to adjust the blade to accommodate various material. Features include a built-in 3 gallon-per-minute water pump, removable and easy-to-clean high-impact ABS water tub, pivoting head that allows 22.5° and 45° bevel cuts, powerful dual capacitor motor, heavy duty cast alloy column and cutting head for reduced vibration and an oversized steel frame with precision linear bar system for smooth operation.

Here’s what customers are saying about the 10 in. 2.5 HP Tile/Brick Saw …

I use this saw for residential tile and stone jobs. Invest in a high quality diamond blade and you will get great results. I like the smooth action of the slider and the ability to do plunge cuts. – Lehomeimprovement, Seattle, WA

An amazing saw, quite a value. Using it to cut pavers for my fairly large patio. Plenty of power. I am most amazed with the accuracy of the guide for size measurements. Most accurate I ever used. I was a tile installer for a number of years and used many different wet saws over the years, this one is amazing especially considering the low cost and great value it is. – Hunter 2, Lebanon, PA

Just finished tiling kitchen with marble and a detailed design as center piece in the kitchen. I was able to make all types of detail cuts around cabinetry. Made the job and outcome easier with great results. Very pleased with the product and cost. Wish I invested in this when I remodeled a house or two with my girlfriend. – SC-JT, Littleton, CO

For your next remodeling job, check out what the competition charges just to rent a tile saw for the duration of your project compared to buying the 10 in. 2.5 HP Tile/Brick Saw from Harbor Freight—and then using it for future jobs! You can pick up your tile saw at your local Harbor Freight Tools store!

10 in. 2.5 HP Tile/Brick Saw

Stand sold separately. Diamond blade shown, sold separately.