2500 lb. ATV Utility Electric Winch with Wireless Remote Control

Before Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania became an official city in 1816, it was actually a roving township residing on a four-wheel quad ATV. It had three residents who lived on the vehicle itself. They were a proud people and had endured much hardship, including the War of 1812 and severe chaffing.

At the time, the Pittsburgh township ATV was in Harrisburg visiting friends. That’s when a telegram arrived from President James Madison. “Dear Pittsburgh. Please form your own permanent city. I’ve picked out some land for you at the intersection of the Ohio and Allegheny Rivers in Pennsylvania. Park your ATV, build homes, shops, steel factories, etc. Multiply once you get settled. Thanks. Sincerely, PJM.”

The citizens of Pittsburgh were thrilled and exchanged hugs, which didn’t take long. They headed straight away toward their new destination. But the journey was not an easy one as it meant crossing the Allegheny Mountains. Known for its densely wooded areas, mountain lions and violent extraterrestrials, Pittsburgh survived many near-death experiences on the way to their new promise land.

Battered and frayed after the arduous journey, Pittsburgh was almost home free until a quarter-mile away from their destination, they drove headfirst into a deep mud bank and got stuck. The citizenry went into an uproar, which didn’t last long. “After all that we’ve been through!” proclaimed one of the citizens, which later became the inspiration for the song of the same name by the band Chicago. Fortunately, there was a Harbor Freight Tools store close by. One of the citizens disembarked, drudged through the mud and hiked to the tool store known for its ridiculously low prices.

On special was the 2500 lb. ATV/Utility Electric Winch with Wireless Remote Control (item #: 61840). The Pittsburgh citizen was impressed by the many features, including a single-stage planetary gear system for fast line speed, permanent magnet motor which draws less current, freespooling for fast line-out, automatic load-holding brake for maximum safety, aircraft grade wire rope and a wireless remote control which works up to 20 ft. away. Double-checking the township treasury (his wallet), he had more than enough to buy the winch with plenty left over to launch the Vocelli Pizza franchise. He returned to the ATV, installed the winch, secured the cable to a tree and pulled Pittsburgh out of the mud bank—and the rest is complete conjecture.

With plenty of power to assist in ATV recovery, traversing rough terrain or loading a boat, this electric ATV winch is a reliable and safe addition to any off-roading adventure. Founding your own city in the process could be difficult but finding a Harbor Freight store isn’t thanks to over 550+ locations nationwide, including several around Pittsburgh…

2500 lb. ATV/Utility Electric Winch with Wireless Remote Control
Item #: 61840


In a recent MIT engineering study, an experiment was conducted moving large loads of materials using devices and methods employed by average Joes. The control group used the weather-resistant 400 lb. Capacity 1 in. x 15 ft. Ratcheting Tie Downs 4 Pc (item #: 61524) set from Harbor Freight Tools to secure various loads to truck beds, roof racks and trailers. The vinyl covered S-hooks prevented marring on painted surfaces and held firm. The ratchet handles made it easy to adjust the strap length and the handle levers allowed the test subjects to pull the straps tight. The result? Out of 30 loads tested, nothing happened. All 30 loads traveled from point A to point B without incident.

400 lb. Capacity 1 in. x 15 ft. Ratcheting Tie Downs 4 Pc

The next group used the most often employed method of transport—duct tape and a prayer. Out of the 30 loads tested, 29 loads ended up strewn across the highway from point A to point B causing several fender benders and numerous traffic delays. The one load that did make it was a 1500 lb. concrete block—hard to say to that the duct tape or the prayer really helped in that scenario.

So, if you want to secure large loads, get the  400 lb. Capacity 1 in. x 15 ft. Ratcheting Tie Downs 4 Pc set during Harbor Freight’s 50% OFF Sale running through April 27th at all Harbor Freight stores! On the other hand, if you’re paranoid about transporting large loads and not being able to find your way back without leaving a trail, then by all means, stick with duct tape and a prayer.

400 lb. Capacity 1 in. x 15 ft. Ratcheting Tie Downs 4 Pc
item #: 61524


How to Build a Dog House


The housing market is tough—but it doesn’t have to be for man’s best friend. Here is a great article on How to Build a Dog House complete with the tools and materials you’ll need. The great news is that all of the tools required are available through Harbor Freight at ridiculously low prices!

Tape Measure

Speed Square

Carpenter’s Pencil

Circular Saw

Chop Saw




 Framing Hammer

Staple Gun

Socket Wrench

Adjustable Wrench


Happy building and have fun putting a “ruff” over your pooch’s head!


1.5 HP Electric Pole Saw

Once upon a time, there was a 1.5 HP Electric Pole Saw (item #: 68862) from Harbor Freight Tools. The other pole saws used to make fun of him: “Well lookie here at Little Lord Fauntleroy Pole Saw with your fancy schmancy safety features like a reduced kickback design and hand guard! Did mommy make that automatic chain oiler for you? Bet you think you’re all grown up when you extend from 6 ft. to 8 ft. 10 in. in height!”  Even though he was easy to work with, none of the other pole saws would ever prune with him.

The End.


Not every story has a Cinderella ending but that’s not the case with Harbor Freight’s More For Your Money/Rolling Back Prices in-store event running through April 13thwhere you can pick up the proverbial prince of outdoor power tools—the 1.5 HP Electric Pole Saw (item #: 68862)—for a ridiculously low price! This long reach electric pole saw provides a quick and safe option for trimming high tree branches. The telescoping fiberglass pole delivers almost three feet of extra reach. And with the easy chain adjustment for convenience, you’ll prune trees like you were cutting butter with a really sharp hot knife and the butter is already softened from sitting out on the counter for days during the middle of summer with the air-conditioning out and your home is west-facing so the scorching sun shines directly into your kitchen all afternoon especially on that spot on the counter where the butter is sitting and… you get the idea.

1.5 HP Electric Pole Saw
Item #: 68862


1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Floor Jack

Ridiculously low prices are going even lower during the More For Your Money/Rolling Back Prices in-store event happening now through April 13th  at all Harbor Freight retail locations. Take advantage of huge savings on items like the 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Floor Jack with Rapid Pump® (item #: 60569). This industrial quality racing jack is constructed of durable, aircraft aluminum billet. A knurled aluminum handle ensures a steady grip while you quickly lift your load in just 3-1/2 pumps! The racing jack also features a universal joint release mechanism for smooth, precision lowering and a compact design for easy storage and transport. It’s features like these that has Four Wheeler Magazine declaring this jack the “undisputed king of the garage”.

1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Floor Jack with Rapid Pump®
item #: 60569

Newly Discovered Cave Drawing Reveals Early Man Used Reciprocating Saws

Additional evidence suggests plumbers were overcharging customers as far back as 25,000 years ago

cave drawing

Last week’s discovery at Serra da Capivara National Park in northeast Brazil reveals that early man not only hunted and gathered but also used reciprocating saws similar to the 9 Amp Professional Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw (item #: 69066) available at Harbor Freight Tools. “I was as surprised as anyone,” offered Professor Adriano Souza, head of tool archeology at Universidade Paulista. “We were familiar with early man using primitive versions of hammers and knives but fully functional reciprocating saws? We had no idea.” A hidden cavern covered by three feet of solid rock recently became accessible due to seismic activity and that’s where the cave drawing dating back 25,000 years was found.

“The drawing clearly shows an indigenous tribesman with a reciprocating saw in his hand. He appears to be cutting some sort of reed. Reeds were commonly used in early plumbing structures such as primitive faucets,” explained Souza. “We may very well be looking at the first plumber on Earth!” Within the cavern, Souza’s team also discovered an invoice overcharging for simple services. “This one refers to an installation of a new reed leading out of a hut, likely an early sewer drain. The invoice shows payment due of 12 chickens and the skins of seven Tropidurus lizards. That’s exorbitant! A job like that shouldn’t have run more than 8 chickens and two Tropidurus lizard skins.” In an adjoining cavern, another drawing shows a tribesman waiting all day for the plumber to arrive, indicated by several depictions of the sun in varying positions in the sky.

What still puzzles Souza’s team is the power source for the reciprocating saws. “Harnessing of conventional electricity didn’t happen for millennia. My theory is that they plugged the reciprocating saws into electric eels.” Considering that Serra da Capivara National Park is situated between the river valley systems of Riacho Toca da Onca, Riacho Baixo da Lima, Riacho Bom Jesus and the Gruta do Pinga, the theory is quite plausible. “That would explain the primitive extension cords we found in the cavern as well.”




Nitrile Glove

Whether you’re an arts & crafts hobbyist or a professional contractor, you’ll want to keep several boxes of the 5 mil Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves 100 Pc on hand. And there’s never been a better time to get your hands on them (and in them) then at the Spring Super Savings event running through March 30th at all Harbor Freight stores!

Nitrile gloves provide better chemical resistance compared to latex gloves and won’t trigger latex allergies. The gloves come in multiple sizes and provide a protective barrier against dirt, grime and oil as well as many chemicals and solvents. The gloves universally fit right or left hands with a comfortable fit and feel. They’re ideal for food processing, janitorial, painting, maintenance and light shop work.

Pick up the 5 mil Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves 100 Pc today and remember that just because you work hard doesn’t mean your hands have to show it!

5 mil Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves 100 Pc (Medium, Large and X-Large)
item #: 68496, 68497, 68498


10 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw

If you could own only one power tool, naturally it would be a margarita blender. But if you could own two power tools, the second one should be the 10 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw (item #: 61307) from Harbor Freight Tools. And there’s never been a better time to get one than during the Spring Super Savings event running March 17th through March 30th at all Harbor Freight Tools stores.

Utilizing a powerful 15 amp motor, dual linear ball bearing rails for smooth slide action and a 45-dgree tilting blade, this saw makes precision cross, bevel and miter cuts up to 12″ wide. This amazing miter saw has a generous cutting capacity for its size. From cutting picture frames to major renovations, the  user-friendly 10 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw will surely become the go-to tool for your garage or workshop.

10 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw
item #: 61307


1 In Roller Ball Bearing

We all know the legend of Hercules—half god, half human, and the strongest man on Earth. Hercules embarked on many adventures, including the “12 Labors” which were near impossible tasks meant to test his strength, endurance and courage. But lesser known is the singular adventure of Hercules’ kid brother, Doofus…

Doofus worked for the Ancient Greece Post Office delivering scrolls and parcels to his fellow countrymen. His life was pretty ordinary. While his brother was busy slaying the Nemean Lion, Doofus was busy slaying a gyro with steak fries. Such was the life of Doofus. All that changed one day while making a delivery to the Parthenon. He was suddenly confronted by the god Carpenterus in the form of a 2 x 4. “Doofus!” said the deified wooden post, “You must travel to Seriphos Island—there you will find a piece of furniture, a golden buffet, that needs to be returned to Athens. I must warn you that your journey will be fraught with peril. On the island lives four Cyclopes—foul, one-eyed giants who like to eat human flesh. Also, the buffet itself is quite heavy. Not even your brother Hercules could lift it! No pressure but if you fail in this task, Greece’s populous will be turned into Erymanthian rock slugs. Good luck and Zeus-speed.”

Doofus set sail right away and traveled through tumultuous seas for the better part of a month before arriving at Seriphos. The oldest of the Cyclopes saw Doofus’ ship coming from a mile away, hence the phrase “good eye” was coined for someone with sharp vision. When Doofus landed on the island, he was immediately greeted by the uniocular beasts. “Foolish mortal!” they bellowed in unison, “we are going to eat you!” Doofus had only a pocket knife as well as a handful of peanuts—the latter of which he offered to the creatures. Not wishing to be impolite before devouring this measly human, the one-eyed giants ate the peanuts. It is well documented in Greek mythology that Cyclopes have terrible nut allergies. Having not read their own mythology and thus lacking epinephrine pens, they dropped dead on the spot. Phew! Doofus searched the island and discovered the golden buffet, which was made of some sort of immortal substance colored gold but not actually gold itself—“laminate” they called it and it was heavy beyond belief! If only the buffet had wheels or something. An idea hit Doofus like a flash and he pulled out his pocket knife.

He used the eyes of the Cyclopes like roller ball bearings and placed one each under the corners of the buffet. Moving it then became a breeze! Doofus returned to the mainland with the buffet, prevented Greek citizens from being turned into slugs and was promoted to Ancient Greece Post Office Master General. At least that’s how mythology tells the tale. But nothing is mythological about the benefits of the 1″ Roller Ball Bearing (item #: 67060) from Harbor Freight Tools! The roller ball bearing is an essential component to building your own mobile base and rolling work table. The bearing is multidirectional for optimal maneuverability once in use. This handy roller ball bearing is just what you need for constructing moveable surfaces in the home, garage or professional workshop!

Mortals should visit one of Harbor Freight’s peril-free 500+ stores nationwide to get the 1″ Roller Ball Bearing. Please wear tunics and sandals in the stores and no three-headed dogs allowed.

1″ Roller Ball Bearing
item #: 67060



Darn lawyers! Originally, we called this amazing new device the 8-In-1 Blower Vacuum Mulcher Paperweight Personal-Self-Defense-Weapon Anti-Yapping-Dog-Apparatus Confetti-Storm-Maker Modern-Art-Piece. We had this great ad all designed – it pictured a typical family gathering set in a typical suburban backyard—a set of divorced parents with their new spouses, step children and birth children—each member holding the new device and performing one of the eight functions. The youngest child, a preschooler, is made up like Andy Warhol and is holding up the device next to a can of Campbell’s soup. His quote bubble reads “I had a lot of dates but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows.” Everyone in the ad is laughing at the comment, including the social worker who’s checking in on the family.

Where was I? Oh yeah, darn lawyers! Everyone here loved the ad until it found its way to the legal department… All of a sudden, there were “issues” with five of the eight functions, and did we have the rights to include a can of Campbell’s soup in the ad and what did a child imitating Andy Warhol have to do with selling this incredible new device from Harbor Freight Tools? As if they weren’t involved enough, the lawyers also questioned whether the social worker in the ad was sending the wrong message. They secured red pens and started drawing lines through stuff. They crossed out five functions, the social worker and all the family members including the mini-Warhol. What we were left with was a great product with three solid functions—the 3-In-1 Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher (item #: 62337).

With its three legally approved functions, this baby is awesome! The efficient leaf blower converts to a vacuum with the flip of a switch. In vacuum mode, you can capture leaves, shred and bag them for mulch. Features include two speed settings for big or small jobs, a 12:1 mulch ratio and a lightweight balanced design. Accessories include a blower tube, mulcher tubes, concentrator nozzle and collection bag. Available at any one of Harbor Freight’s 500+ stores, the Portland® 3-In-1 Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher will definitely become your go-to for yard work! And hey, if you happen to weigh down a stack of papers with it or whip up a confetti storm, not even those darn lawyers can stop you, though you will have effectively rendered your warranty null and void…

3-In-1 Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher
item#: 62337